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iWfiBES OF SINg m A Book for Young and Oíd. C3 UI RECORD NERVOUS k L BE ; Esíá 1878 : BLOOD R W 250,000 i SKiN ft. e W öijDISEASED PRIVATE U Uj men MEASES W I ! CURED U J m 250,000 cüredS iYOUNG MAN terSKSB ■ when ignorant of the terrible crime yon ■ PM verecommitting. Didyouonlyeonsider ffi A the faseinating allurcments of this evil IaI UU hftbit? When too late to avoid the UU JU rible results, were your eyes ortcned to f'9 l''i vour neril? Did voa later on ju U H hoodcontractany PRIVATE orBLOOD PP IVt diseaso? Wereyoucured? Doyounow KJ UJ and thcn seeeome alarming ymptoms? M I Daro you marry ia your present ■ ■ dition ? Tou fcnow. "LIKE FATHER, ■ 2 LIKK PON." IÍ married, are you Tri r stantly liviugin dvead? Js marriage a Mj W failuvewithyouonnccountof w!% fT ness paused by carly abuse or later [j ■Éf cesEes? Havo you been drugged with ■■ TW2 uiereury? This bookletwilljjuintoutto Irá I_4J you the resulta of these crimes and point Lij ■B "out howour NEW MEÏI1OD ■ ■ MENT will positively cure you. It ■ H ehowshowthousandshavebeen pavedby PJ I;! fur NEW TEEAÏMBNT. It provea I y UJ how we can (HiARANTEE TO CÜRE UL F! ANT CURABM4 CASE OR NO PAY. fl M We treat and cure- EMISSIONS, LJJ ■P VARTCOCELE, SYl'illlJS. LEEP, ■ pi STR1CTURK. IMPOTBNCY, [{4 U3 CRET DRA1NS, l'NNATUKAL UW I C1IARGES, KIDHBÏ and JiLADDER ■ ScURESGüáRANTEEDH P2 Y RUK. lf unable to cali, write for M UJaiIESTIUN I3LAXK for HOME 3 ■ TKEAT-MENT. Uy EKennedyKerganR y Cor. Michigan Ave. and Shelby St. f ■ "T-'J' " t ' -W Coramissioner's Notice. STATE OP MICHIGAN. COL1NTY OF Washtenaw. The undersitmed haviug been appointed by the Probate Court for said t'ounty. commissioners to receive. examine and adjust all claims and (Iemands of all persons ajraiuBt the eetate of Christiana Heiczmaun, late of said county, deeeaeed, hereby give notice that six moiiths frciin date are allowed, by order of said Probate Court. for ereclitorsto present thelr claims apainst the es tate of said deeeased, and that they will meet at the store of Hinzmann and Laubenirayer, Washington street in the City of Ann Arbor. in said Couuty, on Wednesday the öth day of July, and ou Wednesday the 4th day of Oct'ober Dext. at 10 o'clock a. m„ of eacb of said days, to receive, examine and adjuet eaid claims. Dated piil rtb 1H99. JACOB LAUBRNGAYER, HERMAN HUTZEL, Commissioners.