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It is six years siuce the greac Ypsilant cycloue. Supervisor Beacb, of Lima, will build a largo sheep baru this spring. il. L. Bnrkhart is fitting up ice creara parlors ou Middlo st. ïu Chelsea. Tbree blooks of Congress st, iu Ypsilanti have been ordered pa ved vrith brick. Snpt. W. W. (iififord, of the Ohekea schools, has beeu retained for auother year. Thrce fish wagons visited Saline in one day last week aad it wasn't flsb day either. The m ai u topic in Ypsilauti jnst now is the lucation of the proposed new city hall. The Michigan Central bas reduced the nuniber of its employees iu Ypsilauti by two. George Hoffman, of Imlay City, and Miss Mary Eisele, oí Chelsea, are to be married soon. Robert Howlett of Waterloo, feil from the top of a high ladder and broke his collar bone. There are 34 uon-residents attendiug the Chelsea schools and a total of 385 pupils in the schools. Mrs. Edward Hinddelaug has pnrchased the honse and lot of Abuer Beach on Orchard st. . , Chelsea. Ed. Chandler has purchased the Sears property on Park sts. in Cbelsea and will soon rnake his home there. Ossian S. Kenny and Miss Mary L. Starfcs, both of Webster, were taarried on Satnrday, April 8 at Wbitmore Lake. "William Arnold and family have removed from Dexter to Detroit. They will be greatly ruissed by their old neighbors. H. P. Glover and K F. Allen were in Saline a few days ago hunting up purcbasers for bonds for the Ypsilanti and SaliriB electrio liufi. Erastus W. Reppleye died at his home iu Ypsilanti April 13, of pneumonía aged 55 years. He had lived iu Ypsilanti for several years. When Arohie Freernau, of Ypsilanti, town, was dynamitiug stumps last week, he left a crow bar leaning against a stump while he Jighted the fuse. He has not found the crow bar yet. Fred Jerry has just been re-elected marshal of Saline by the village conncil, and Frank Buck has bten made street commissioner. He sacceeds Major D. Wallace who had held the position for 14 years. Tne following village officers, of Saline have been appointed by President Hauser: Health officer, Dr. B. F. Sheeder; village attorney. Chas. Awrey; special pólice, Henry A. Jewett; fire chief, Samuel Josenhans; special assessors, A. G. Clarke, J. Adam Klein and Fred Weissinger. If the stove works remain in Cbel sea there is one business man who will thig season put up a namberof medinm sized honses for renting pnrpotes. He woald pnt np between 20 and 30 in all before be got through with his job. This would mean lots of work for onr local conrtactors. - Chelsea Herald. Within three miles of the north. east and south sides of Four-mile lake, 14 farmers are inaking changes as f ollows : William Arnold goes to Detroit ; Ralph Aruold from Mrs. Johnson's farm to William Arnold's; Q. Heiber from Elmer Beach's to Mrs Johnson's; Henry Hudson to Elmer Bedach's; Charles Físk to Mrs. Ccoper's; Frauk Nixon from Mrs. Cooper's to north of Dexter; J. Nixon from R. Bachanan's to east of Ann Arbor; E. Wilde to R. Bnchanan's; A. O. Yearance from G-. Yearance's fco Alouzo Davis'; H. Neeb to G. Yearance's; E. Genter to H. Baldwin's; A. Spiegelberg from Ohio to his farm ; J. Lncht irom Pierce farm ; W. Ooe from New York to Pierce farm. - Ohelsea Standard. Dexter has organized business men 's associatiou with the following officers: President, B. P. Chase; viee-president, Aifred Da vis; recordiug secretary, John O. Thompson ; corresponding secretary, E. H. Carpenter; treasurer, Joseph Gallagher; execntive committee, E. Jedele, A. S. Yost, Pat Sloan, A. Olsaver; finance couimittee, Frank Lemmon, W. I. Keafl, C. W. Stebbins. Althongh Editor Carlton of theGrass Lake News, has been on this ninndane sphere for roany years, he is evidently nofc posted on chickens, and especially roosters, bnt then Grass Lake is snch a big progressive city that he may be excnaable when he notes a comtoon sight as follows: "An overgrown sorrel colored rooster haunts Lover's Lañe in this village together with a lot of hnge hans of the same color and breed. A day or two ago the feathered bipeé fonnd a dainty morsel of kitchen refuse and forthwith by persuasivo cluoks drew his hnngry partlets aionnd him. He then ate it himself. ' '