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Must Not Cut Wires

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me Detroit, xpsiianti & Ann Arbor road flled a bilí late Satnrday evening to restrain Williaro H. L. Rhode from uioving a honse across their track on Main st. A prelitninary iujunction was ordered issued as prayed íor by Judge Kiune, the defeudant being allowed to rnove for a dissolution npon two days notice. Robert M. Hernphill supriutendent of tbe electricroad swore to the bilí. The bilí recites the organization of the company and the franchises uncler which the road is running in the city of Ann Arbor. It furthor alleges "that in putting up said trolley and feeder wires a tensión is pnt opon the same allowing ouly for contraction in winter and expansión iu suinmer that will not perniit of cuttiug and splioing as it requires a certain amouut of wire to make splices, and your orator therefore asserts that if wire is ent tvvo, points or splicess insteaa of one would be reqaired. That if said trolley or feeder wires are cut near a curve it is practically irnpossible to splice the sanie witliot seriously disarranging the curve wires,. "That whenever trolly wires are cut it is necessary that they should be replaced and spliced in the day time in order that tbe work may be well performed. Complainaut therefore shows that the cutting of said feeder or trolly wires wül tend to seriously injure the defficiency of its said electric systern and that duriDg the cntting and spliciug of said wires the public willjbe pu to great inconvenence. '"That in the Jines of your orator there is not sufïicent slack so that by untyiug or unloosening the wires from a certain nuniber of poles said trolley or feeder wires could be raised over a bnilding " The bilí then statesthata permit has been grauted Mr. Rhode by the board of public works to move a building on Washington st. across Main st. , and to do this the wires would have to be ent. It is fnrther charged that the city of Ann Arbor has no autbority whatever to grant perinission to any person to interfere with the electrical systera of the complaiuant or injaru its electrical eqnipmeut or ent said trolley or feed wires. The injunction asked for is that the rtefendant be restraitiec1. from moviug a building across the complainants tracks. Cntcheon & Still wagon are the compainauts solicitors.