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WITHYOUR ORDER, cutthis . . _ d. out andsend to us, and - Jfe-a_j8l 't"! L vewül bendyuuOUR HIGH tksÜMfafn Ü I I 50 GRADE OROP CABIHET IURDIH SEWIHG MACHINE sy rreljkt c. o. D. ubjt o eiu..(HfW I % nailon. You can examine it at your nearest freiKüt depot ana uq V ■- WtT round prreetly atUfaetorj, exactly as represented, I JL ' ' JBP L - equal lo maekloea other sel) as htrh as $60.00, and TUK saauM-iAMJaHBBsagafcllÊHgEgSTE R9 6R8ATEST BARDÁIS TOU K?BK UKARD 0F, p; jsor Ssg áítÜoife (ri5ht?..tour Special Offer Price $15 50 1 and íreiRnt charges. The machine wcjghs y'""' lEM 120 poundj and tbe treicht wil) average 75 cents f or eacta 500 miles. ■ SL . CIVE IT THREE MONTHS' TRIAL in your own home, and MS we wilt return your 15.5O any day you are not satiahed. We lell dif ■ aSB"l551 ttrtnl .d frdr. of Srwi.f rhÍM t ÍH.50, 1U.00, $11.0O,'n H ( a ■■■ UBWWB tli.OOudnr, all fnllj ddtribed In Our Frcc Spwlw ■■thlm CíUlotnr, Ba I I tnUHr -. - H b=tSI5.50 forthi. DROP DESK CABINET BURDICK fM vi) I LUBlITl S?5; ia tbe greatest valué over offered by any houae. f II I B KBlI B " BEWARE OF IMITATIONS XX7 'SSTSí fëk u I B I fflil ? lf rertiaments, offenng nnknowo achinen under various ñames, with ím ■ fi ] EEt_A 5 ? ▼ariouB inducementi: Wrlte icbb frlend in Chicago and learn who are ïlpl WFM II o RELUBLK ÁD WHO 1RS HOT. JUTl WJSSSJ -JT ' Ö TUC DlIPnirif has every MODERN IHrROTEaENT. - fTOg&VjWjtai3H!iS!' S I M fc PUKUIUIV EVERÏ SOOD FOIST 0K KVKRT HIGH Ssfl íS!áíS5S5EÍAaL""S;i' , . DKFXCT8 OF N0N1. HADE BT THE REST MAKEK IN AMERICA, - J S ----ajnaiaw FKOM THE BEST HATKKIAI, M " I }?45 SOLID QUARTER SAWED OAK $X f PIANO FOL1SMKD, one illustration shows machine closed, (headdropS M 9 plnR f rom sipht) to be used asa center tuble, tnd or desk. the other IHHÍoB WB&Êë open wítl1 fuI1 length table and head in place for sewing, 4 faney g B Ht drawfri, lattst 1899 slielftoo frarae, carved. paneled, embossed anii j: H 58BMi"TM b. decorated cabinet finish, flnest nickel drawer pulls, rests on 4 cas K S (T B lJjljylM ters, ball brarlng adjustable treadle. genuine Smyth iron stand. SjB V ■ ■ 5 Q nWf Finest Ure u?h irm hed, positive four motion íeed, self threading vibrat flivl' ■ A ■ Hl inp shuttle, automatic bobbin winder, adjustable bearings, patent tensión í ít'í IT ■ B IMI liberator, improved loóse wheel, adjustable presser foot, improved shuttle j -o -o L B&M '■ I I UIkv carrier, patent needie bar, patent dresspuard. head is handsomely decorated - " - KfrrS " I I Hffifl and ornamt-nlrd nd beaatifaUj NICKEL TRIIVIIVIED ■S3"- ■L$ ■ WSfrM CUARANTEED e HRhtíslrnnnlnp. ■ioiillurljlraodnrettoIil'mehÍB _ - o n9 - jffUPB md. Éerj known attichtuent is farnt&hed and onr Free Instruction Boofc tells 2 o ,5 Ah I C'TOIdnlJl Just howanyonecan run it and doeither plain or any kind of fancy work. - mVÍJSffSfSvmmk A 20-YEARS' BINDING GT7ARANTEE is sene with every machine. M'PSrj iTCOSTSYOUNOTHING irTIÖ.ho i5JB to $60.00, and then if conrinced yon areaaviag $3S.OO to 840.00, pay !t tralgkt acBnt tka $16.50. W8 TO Küfl'RS TOCB C1S.S0 lf at anr time wiikl tkree Bonthi too Mliam ol.alliüta. ORDER .0 Dil. UUN'T DKI.AT. (Sears. Roebuck & Co. are thoroughly reliable.- Editor.) Address, SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.) Chicago, III.;