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ïwo railroad cases were discoutiuued iu the circuit cotirt Thnrsday, beiugsettled out of court. Tbey were the cases of Mrs. Emily P. White and Mrs. Mary Collins Whiting against the Detroit, Grarid Rapids and Western road and A. J. Sawyer appeared for tbe plaintiff iu each case. Mrs. White feil in the Detroit depot while alighting from a car aud was sfeverely injnred, while Mrs. Whiting took au arm chair near a stove in the work part of a caboose on a mixed traiu aud while the train was switching, she was, in the words of the declaration, "instautly overtnrned and with great force thrown backwards into the air upon tbe floor of said car and npou the timber, wood, bars of iron. car links, car pins, coupling pins aud other dangerons articles whereby she received s-undry wounds, brmses, contusious, congestions, concussions, lacerations and other temporary and permanent injuries to lier limbs, body, head aud brain. " The celebra tfid case. of John George Eeichert vs. John G. Feldkanip and others for $25,000 daruages tor alienation of affectious was coutinned over the term. The cases of the Bortles agamst exsheriff Judson for damages for alleged false imprisonment carne up owing to the fact that no security for costs had been filed. Attorney Lehman brought the matter up and Jones called attention to the fact that the judge had not sigued the order. Judge Kinne gave the plaintiffs until Mondav to file $100 security for costs. 5i.This afternoon Mary E. Dixon was granted a divorce from Clarence B. Dixon, of ibis city on the ground of cruelty. The custody of the two children was given to the mother. Randall & Jones appeared for the plaintiff and Arthur Brown for the defendant. The cases on cal] for tomorrow are Pred Kuebler vs. E. V. Hangsterfer, Peter J. Lehman, admr. vp. The Toledo Ice Co , and Samuel D ;tt vs. the D. Y. & A. A. K. R. Co.