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Dividing An Estate,

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Iu the case in the circuit court of Morton F. Case, admimstrator, complainaDt vs. Caroline H. Sanders, Susan Sanders Dodge, Caroline Sanders WilMnson, Emily Sanders, Adah Sanders, George J. Sanders, Seville Sanders Lockwood, J. George Sanders, Chillion W. Sanders, Stephen H. Sanders, Lynas H. Sanders, Frank Sander, Sarah Eliza Williams, ,T. Howard Sanders, Leon O. Sanders, Isabella Sanders and James H. Sanders defendants, tbe answer of Seville Sauders Lockwood, Willard H. Sanders and J. Grove Sanders has been filed by their solicitor, John P. Kirk. They say they are nephews and neices of the deceased and ask for their share in their úneles estáte. They allege that Adah Sanders is entitled to receive the same share in the estáte as these defendants and that Adah and her mother Emily Sanders are uot entitled to further interests in said estáte as they are not entitled to the same under the provisions of the last will and testament, They further claim that only the nephews and nieces of Grove Sanders who were living at the time of the deatli of Cynthia Sanders, widow of said Grove Sanders, deceased, are enittled to any share in the estáte, according to the provisions of the will of Grove Sanders.