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SP GARPET DEPT SALE special FOR THE BALANCE OF APRIL. For the balance of the month of April there will be "PnW t tunities" in the Carpet Department which no economically inrlhiPrt Ppor can afford to pass by. With the Spring llousecleanin and re-arranPer8011 ïand tbe offering isa timely one. Especially so as the oods mi-p 7i r Rat able qualities and up-to-date styles and colorings. aePendiooo yds High Grade AH=Wool Ingrains JSfffc, 5Oc yd 1200 yds Famous Lowell 75c Ingrains KeVoddhe 65c yd 1000 yds Thirty=six inch Silkolines Dsuamnegooas 9c yd All our $1.00 Moquette Rugs, 89c Drapery Mulls, value izjc at All our $2.50 Moquette Rugs, $1.98 Printed Drapery Denims vaiue 121 All our $4-00 Moquette Rugs, $3.25 ROpe Portieres, value $e L" $A All our 7Sc Jap Rugs, 59c RHffled Muslin Curtains, "vaiüo 'f& Special Prices for balance of the Special Prices for the moiir'h nn att month on all of SM F RN A RUGS LACE CURTAINS. L 120 Main Street.