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Wants $10,000 Damage

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In tüe "telephoiie" case of Peter W. hute, of Ypallauti, vs. The New State 'elepbone Ca, Isaac Perrine and Martin Crerner a declaration was filed esterday. Tbisjis the case in which the )laintiff alleges he was wronged by laving a conversation in the telephone epeated. He charges the defeudants with well knowing the preriises but coitriving and maliciously intending o injure, defame and slauder the said ilaintiff in his good name. That r'errine and Cramer acting for the State Telephone Co. said in the hearing f maiiy people, "I (meaning defendnt Perrine) heard him say over the phone that either two drays or vans would come from Detroit to get furuiture from Waldorf (meaning the hotel f plaintiff and wife) and everything was to be loaded at 11 or 12 o'clock hatuight." Also that Mr. Cramer aid sabstantially the same words. He laims the meaning of the words were o impute to the plamtift' an intention of rernoving and secreting chattel inortgaged property. This he claims njured his credit aud laroke np a loan ie was making with one Frank Sutherand. Norman B. Trim held the chat;el mortgage oa the property. He also claims thai in consequence of all these ronbles his wife became very sick and ie was obliged to cali a physician to atteud her. Mr. Shute thinks he should have $10,000 damages to hea his feeliugs and make good his loss.