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Yesterday a jury declared ex-Senato Qnay íiot gnilty of the charge of con Bpiriiig to use the fnnds of the state o Penusylvania for his own unlawful gai and profit. Immediately after he ha teen declared nofc gnilty, Gov. Ston appointed him senator. The collaps of the conspiracy case againet Qnay i a surprise because of the claims raad by the prosecntion. Bnt in view o the evidence brought out no other ver dict was possible. Quay inay be sak to be completely vindicated of th charge on which he was tried. Anc this too without the introduction of partiële of evidence in his behalf. Th case was submitted to the jury on th evidence of the prosecution alone and jnry of his peers prononnced the sena tor not guilty. In other words th prosecution utterly failed to sustain it case. It had no case. The other case against the senator will probably,be heard of no more. Kelative to Gov Stone's appointment of Qnay to th senatorship, it may be said that unies the senate recedes froin its record in every similar case in its past history Qnay will never take the seat by tb. governor's appointment. The senat has repeatedly held that such a vacancy as exists in Pennsylvania, where th leigislatnre has been in session an( failed to elect, is not such an one as i contemplated by the constitution sha] be filled by appointment of the gov eriior. The senate mnst needs revers itself before Quay can be seated. Thi it may do but is scarcely likely to do