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Kissed Their Hands

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There was a peculiar case np in JusticeDoty's conrt Friday. Five dark skinned wcmen who looked Hke Indians but claimed to be Russians froru Odessa were brought ín by Officer Isbell. The charge laid againet tberu was larceuy from a store in the day time. Mrs. G. O. Teufel was the complairiarit. The women went into her store and called for five cent worth of candy. Mrs. Teufel waited on thein when the cid womaa of the party took her hand and pretended to teil her fortune at the same time the old woman piafced up 35 cents which was laying on the counter. She also a moment later ieached over and took 50 cents out of the till. Lastly she asked Mrs. Tuefel to gire her a package of coffee and it would be all right althongh she usual ly charged $5. But Mrs. T. said : "I did not want my fortune told and yon must give me back my money. " The old lady gave her back 50 cents and the crowd left taking sorne oranges as they left. When brought into court they were a hard looking lot. Their talk and motions and protestations were frightul. One of them said: "Meno kül, '■ at the same time drawing her hand across her throat, "Me no steeJc My beeness is all. I teil fortunes. " She thought Marshal Sweet ought to have his fortune told and agreed to do it for a dollar. Two of the five protested that they were not present an had nothing to do with the offeuse charged. One of the two with frantic motions told Officer Sweet she had a baby (it was not in evidence) and mus go. He said never mind we will tak care of the baby. Then she began t motion frantically again and tried t rnake is clear that he did not under stand by proceding to convince him by ocular demonstration that the baby story was uo fake The oöiicall wa convinced. Wheu the case was callee this afternoon they shed tears an plead hard to be let off and Prosecuto Kirk let them go on condition tba they would proceed at once to put grea remoteness between themselves anc Ann Arbor. They delayed not on th manner of their going. It is nnder stood thatthere is quite a gang of them with several rigs outside the city Officers went with the women to make sure of their departnre. The women made their adieus in foreign fashion kissing the hands o: Justice Doty and of Prosecuting At torney Kirk, who very bashfully re ceived the salntation. And so ended the firBt case in Jtistice Doty's office.