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Our Convict Visitors

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Two escaped convicts visited Aun Arbor Thnrsday night and left Friday shortly afttr noon by the freight train ronte taking all the plunder they conld collect without excitiug too much suspicion from two hotels. The fugitives were Thomas 0'h.eefe sent from Grand Rapids to the Detroit house of correction iu March, 1897, for four years and a half, and Rayrnond Morgan, sent from Milwaukee, in the same month for two and a half years. Both had been sentenced in federal courts for robbing post offices. They escaped from the Detroit house of correction at about 7 o'clock Thursday night. At the time they were in the hospital. By tearing their beds apart they reached the ceiling 12 f eet above, breaking throngh the lathe and piaster, droppins the debris on their bedding and reached the roof through a scnttle and with a rope made from etrips of blankets lowered themselves into a big tree. It was the flrst prison escape from Capt. Joe Nicholson since 1878. They were seen in prison garb by some boys a mile away from tha prison. They arrived in this city shortly after 9 o'clock the sameevening having in some way secured a change of clothing and took a room at the Exchange hotel, on the corner of State and Fuller srs. and remained over night. After chey left yesterday morning three bottles of whiskey and four boses of cigars were missing, bnt the loss was not discovered until they had taken French leave of the city. Between 10 and 11 a. m. Friday they callecl at the St. James hotel and registered as James Morgau and James Millen, both of Hamilton, Ohio. They stated that they had been ont most of the night and wished a room to lie down. They appeared like ordinary travelers and were assigned a room. At 12:05 p. m. they came down to the office, eettled and passed ont. In the meantime they had put in their time to advantage gcthering suits of clothing, etc. , in the hotel to the value of about $100 and making a trandle, they dropped it out of the window into the yard. A f ter leaving the hotel they went aronnd throngh Brenner's building, picked np the bundie and left down Ashley st. Shortly afterwards they were seen to board a west boundfreight train. They tried for one train and the older convict feil. They took thenext 011e which rame along shortly afterwards. It is to be hoped that they may be oaugbt before they have a chance to commit many more depredations.