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A Pesky Hen

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Aid. Geo. Weeks ot üroaclway is in bed and has been sinoe Wednesday nursing a wrencn, a stretch, and a strain of each particular musele of bis body. Thereby hangs a tale. The alderman had, and may have yet, a fine lat hen -which he had been keeping for some dinner occasion. The sion atrived last Wednesday and the Alderniau from the Fifth assigned hirnself the task of cornering said hen. The hen, evidently divining his purpose, got gay and the race she led him was anything but a bee-line. She dodged in more than 400 different ways, ran between his legs and, well, she simply played horse with him. Of oonrse he tried to turn in as many directions and as qnickly as he did the hen. When the hen darted betwaen his legs, tne pursuit was difficnlt and he had to roll himself up like ball in order to keep au eye on tne pesKy nen. These quicK twists and turns aud contortions account for the present condition of his muscles. Finally, seeing what he considered a sure chance of capturing the bird he raade one suprcme effort bnt slipped and feil. The hen kept on the uneven tenor of her way. The tldennan's language, as he was beirg helped into the house ■was sornewhat larid, nevertheless it failed to do the occasion justice. At last accounts the hen was still in the flesh.