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A Big Picture Sale

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For a long time it has been kuown that there would Boon be made a large purchase of pictures in tbis city. The time has come and withiu á few days the sale will have been eompleted: All the pictures are alike, and, what is more, the real valué is not so much in the picture as in the weJl kuown signatures thereto attached. The valne of the Lewis collection and the Rogers masterpieces and the many ether meritorions works of the crayon, pen and brush in the UniverBity art gallery is great, but when 38 pictnres which are exactly alike and of no iutrinsic valué sell for the price of $19.o00 it wonld seem that the people fn!iy appreciate the matter enclosed ■yvjthiu a picture frame. These expensive pietnres are a composite work. They are not the work of one man, uor a life study, and only in some respect a work of art, for the printer's accomplishmeut is a work of art, and, if the orthography is fine, it is also trne that the siguatures are artistic. Thes pictures are of a broiled lobster color with regular black marks on them systematically distributed.always fonnd hanging in a conspicuous place and show that the liquor dealer has paid $500 to do business under the state law.