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Tubal Cain Owen

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Tnbal Oain Oweu, of Ypsilanti, sou of Abba Oweu wbo was a sister of the late Eber B. Warrl, filed a petition in the probate court of Wayne county Saturday asking for a review of the final acconnt of Orrin W. Potter, the exeeutor of the will of Eber B. Ward. The finai account was filed in 1884. Mr. Owen claims that he is soie residuary legatee of the estáte and tbat there is a residnnm to which he is entitled. The will of Ebor B. Ward, says Mr. Oweu, provided-that the residue of the property shonld pass to Emily Ward, a sister, and that her share after her death shonld ba equally divided amoug the sorviving childreu of his other two siters, Sally Brindle and Abba Owen. Emily Ward died Ang. 28, 1891. All the living childien of the other twp sisters except Mr. Oweu, petitiouer, compromised their claims upon the estáte, their rights nuder the will. Mr. Owen Inrther claims that all the childreu of the late Eber B. Ward are dead, and their portious pass to the childreu of the two sisters, or rather to him, as the only one who still retains his rights. So he claims au accouutiug f rom Orrin W. Potter, executor, as sole residuary legatee. He asserts that Mr. Potter must have considerable property belonging to the estáte in his hands. A citation was duly issued Saturday.