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Stealing A Gate

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Mrs. Mary Archer was before Justice Dnffy this morning charged with stealing a gate from Aaron Long. The aileged larceny occnrred on Miller ave. The complaint calis to inind that once upon a time when M. Brenner ■was sheriff of Washtenaw county, Mrs. Archer got into sorae trouble in an assaolt and battery case. The complaining witness let her ont of the case al) right enongb by having it her dog that was assaulted instead of herself. Mrs. Archer insisted on going on the staud, however, and showing that she did bit the witness. This of course convicted her and she was given nntil the next day to pay her fine. The fine was not paid aud every time the sheriff went to the house after her, Mrs. Archer was in bed. Neigbbors wonld report seeing her ont in the yard hanging out clothes, but when a few minutes later the sheriff got tbere she wonld be in bed. fie threatened that the next time he went be wonld bring her anyway, but au attorney warned him that it was wid-winter and if she got cold or suffered aay damage xf he would be held respoasible. So she stived her time in bed.