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The Ypsilanti Normal'sdefeated Olivet on the diamond yesterday by a score of 15 to 8. Edward Ascher the murderer of Valmore O. Nichols was taken to the Jackson prison today. Glenn Trowbridge, of. this city, of Co. H, of Jackson, is ill witb malarial fever at the general hospital in Savannab, Georgia. Williain Wright, a university student, who enlisted in Co. A, 31st Michigan, is uow a lientenant in the 19th U. S. Infantry. All the comrnittees on the reception to Co. A meet at the citv clerk's office at 8 o'clock tonight. All interested ara invited to attend. Invitations are out to witness the raarriage of Miss Mary Margart Rinsey, danghter of David Rinsey, of this city, to Dr. J. W. Foley, of Leadville, Colo. , on May 10 at St. Thomas chnrch. In the case of Joseph Green vs. John Coyle for assanlt and battery which was triedpn the circuit court yesterday the jnry brought in a verdict last evening of 150 in favor of plaintiff. Jacob Laubengayer is having 15 acres of the land he recently purchased on the Ypsilanti road nnderdrained. He bas nine men at work laying tile. They are in charge of Herman Hntzel. The regular Zukey Lake Sunday train will be put on the Ann Arbor road next Snnday. It will leave Ann Arbor at 9 :05 o'clock a. m. and Howell at 7 o'clock p. ai. arriving in Ann Arbor at 8 o'clock p. m. An attenipt is being made by the State Food Commissioner Grosvenor to prevent the use of Preservaline in rmlk. It was the agent of this company who was turned down by the Snaitary Milk Co. of this city yesterday. The case of the People vs. Wilbert S. Williams for assanlt upon Louis Rohde carne up in Justice Doty's court this morning and was dropped upon the advice of Prosecutor Kirk. He thought the evidence was not sufficient to convict. Congressman Henry C. Sniith is beseiged with applications for cadetsbips in Annapolis and West Point. George R. Spalding, son of ex-Congressman Spalding is at West Point and entitled to remain nutil 1901 and Cadet G. F. Blair is entitled to remain at Annapolis until 1903, so that Congressman Smith will probably bave no appointment to inake in this line during his first term. The electric line trom Kalamazoo to Grand Rapids will be built this smamer. Then wben the electric line between Jackson and Ann Arbor is huilt, there will be but 06 miles left between the electric lines which connect Detorit and Grand Rapids the two principal cities of Michigan. This 66 miles will probably not remain long unbuilt as ttere are such towns as Battle Creek, Marshall and Albion on the line. The farmers of Bay county who have been the results of raising chicory for the past eight years know how profitable it is. This year they are tnmbling over each other to secnre contracts of acreage. Chicory is not hard on the land, wbich is a big item in its favor, as it is not like sngar beets. After a erop of the latter, land must reet for a year or more. There is etill acreage left. tbat can be secured f rom the Ann Arbor Chicory Cu. , but there must be no delay, or it will be too late. The remains of Henry Saunders, of Detroit, were yesterday afternoon interrred in Fairview ceinetery ou the Northside. Rev. Charles Young of the First Baptist chnrch oificiated at the grave. Mr. Saunders was an attorriey by profession. He was 53 years old and nnmarried. He was a brother of James B. Saunders of this city. The remains of J. H. Davidson of Valley City, N. Dakota, arrived last evening and were placed in the rooms of Funeral Director Muehlig. The interment was held this afternoon in Oatwood cemetery at Sahne. The deoeased was about 65 years of age. He was a cooper by trade. His wife has been dead for a number of years. He leaves a daughter, Miss Minnie M. Davidson, chief operator of the State Telephone exchange at Ann Arbor and two sous one rsiding in Cleveland and one in S. Dakota. Mr. Davidson was tormerly a member of the Odd Fellows lodge in Saline. From Wednesday's Daily Argus. Alexander, of the Ypsilanti company, leniaiued in Cuba to niake his fortunes. It is still thought that the state legislature may close lts sessions by June 1. A marriage license was granted yesterday to Louis Blurn, 30, Detroit, and Carrie L. Munroe, 22, Saline. Ypsilanti will inake great efforts to eclipse Ann Arobr in the reception to their military company on its return home. Miss Margaret Bower will give readings before the Michigan Woman's Press Association at its meeting in Detroit to be held on the evening of May 18. Fred Krause the well known anctioner today held his last sale of the season. He had very goods ales this spring. He has been 33 years in the business. Otto Ponto. ho had celebrated a recent Americuu victory, pleaded guilty yesterday to being drunk on the streets. Ha was fined the costs by Justice Duffy which he paid. W. W. Wedemeyer has been invited to deliver the annual Sunday evening address before the graduating class of the high school of Concord on June 4. He will accept. I Last eveniug Lorenzo, L the three year old sou of John Kuehnle, ii'o. 603 W. Liberty st , feil off a fence and broke his wrist. Dr. Klingmann I set tbe fracture Two men were severely burned his morning while workiug on the trolley wire on Main st. between Hurón and Ann st. Both of them narrowly escapea with their lives. Waldo B. Bach has secured a fine position with Newbury & Co., real estáte men of Chicago, and will leave for the Windy City on Friday. His many friends here wish him every success. At an early date a horse must have been buried on N. Main st. While Bxcavatjng for the sidewalk two well preservêd teeth were found. The first report was that mastodons teeth had been found. A smal) house burned down in Pittsfield township last Saturday evening. Tiie fire was occasioned by burning a lot of chips and rubbish in the back yard. The house was insured in the Washtenaw Mutual for 150. The oase of the Thousand Island Publishing Co., limited, vs. W. B. Phillips, occupied about two minutes time of the circuit court yesterday, Mr. Phillips holding a receipt in full for the account claimed. An order was made yesterday by Judge Kinne authorizing Wilfred B. Phillips, receiver of the Register Publishing Co. to sell all the personal accounts, judgments, etc. amonnting to 13,.118.T0 to Frankliu Parker for $210. The case against Jlsaac Perrine charged with trespass was tried Defore Justice Duffy yesterday afternoon and the jury found Perrine not gnlity. A new case of trespass has been comrnenced by the complaining witness, Paris Banfield. Ypsilanti has an honest man. William Clark is his name and he was an Ann Arbor visitor today. Whenever Mr. Clark's property increases in value or decreases, he immediately notified the assessor and has every bit of his property assessed its true value. J. C. Herrick bas purchased the candy store knowu as the Sugar bowl and will continue the business. The deal was consumated yesterday and today. Mr. Herrick is in Detroit pnrchasing a soda fountaiu and other fïxtnres, stock and things necessary to push the business. Ex-County Treasurer Philip Blutn, of Lodi, was in the city today. He says he will do better than Justice Orcutt. of Anu Arbor town and perform the wedding ceremony free, for the first couple that calis on him within a year. He has been jnstice of the peace 30 years. It is stated that Ascher, the mnrderer of Valmore C. Nichols, will probalby be assigned to the tnp-hammer ehop, in the Jackson prison, which is designatnd by convicts as next door to hartes, as there are 100 hot fires buruing all day aud men work with ouly underclothing on. He is nnmber 7,028 on the prison booi. Attorney General Orin, who by the way is a gradúate of the law department in the clase of '8a, has aronsed the ire of Miss Sasan B. Anthony by bis decisión that Mrs. Merrie Hoover Abbott is ineligible to hokl the office of prosecutng attorney. Miss Anthony declares that hi.s position is an outrage, and she will not ouly handle him without gloves in her opening address to the national oonvention at Grand Rapids, bnt will publisn hirn all over the country. The fame of the May Festival is grówing from year to year. This was shown yesterday iu Seoretary Oolbnrn's receiving by mail au order for tickets from Afton, N. Y. The citizens of Ann Arbor in their patriotic support of the University School of Music, can take just pride in all that jiertains to the school. The May Festival is directly an outgrowth of the school. If every citizen would eudeavor to secure one extara student for the School of Music, he would not oniy help the city but put the school on a financial basis whioh would permit the contemplated eulargenient of its facilities to be carried out. From Yesterday's Daily Argüí. Aid. John Koch, of S. Ashley st. , is having his lawn extended and the front of his residence beautified. Dr. Michols, the peach grower, reperts the prospects for his erop are getting brighter from day to day. Notary Public Eugene Oesterlin has I prepared 38 saloonkeeper's bonds to be presented at the special meeting of the common conncil. ïhe decree so long considered by Jndge Kinne in the chancery case of Charles Meyers vs. Selby A. Moran was filed today. As bas been previously announced the bil) was dismissed. The D., Y. & A. A. railway are putting a new trolley wire along Main tst. which is much larger and more substantial than the old oue which has become too weak to be depended upon. The Detroit, Ypsilanti & Ann Arbor railway compauy is lay ing heavier ties between here aud Ypsil anti in place of the old, light ones which were put dewn when the iuter-urban road was first built. The question is being aked what the Lima town board are doing with the Jackson and Ann Arbor electric road franchise. The building of the proposed road seems to hiuge on the givingof a franchise through this township. Chief Justice Claucüus B. Grant has filed an affidavit in Lansing that his election expenses were $2,017.26. It can be considered to be a good investment as Judge Grant will draw $70,000 in salaries during the next 10 years. John Schaffer, of Saliue, was the Qrst saloon keuper in the county to pay his license. He called today and paid County Treasurer Mann. His red enromo says the saloon is located at the corner of Main and Adrián sts , Saline. Rural free delivery will be inaugurated at St. Joseph, Mich., May 1. It would be a good thiug to inaugúrate a sytem here. The St. Joseph carrier is to cover au area of 25 square miles, serve 575 peopie and will travsl abont 23 miles a day. The First Natioual Bank lias been materially improved inside by a fresh coat of straw colored paint, varnish, etc. The ceiling is of a different color with stripes. The whole produces a very pleasing effect and has greatly improved the bank rooms. This moruiug as the men who are excavating for the new walk in front of the court house were turning over one of the old stone slabs, they discovered a postage stamp whieb had evidently lain there from the time of the layiug of the old walk. It lookec1. fresh and bright just as thongh it was new from the press. It appears that all of those atteuding the university have not lieard of the old game of snipe huntmg. Duriug the last week two freshmen have been taken into the confidence of upper classmen, and tanght the mystery of this sport. The last hnnt took place Tuesday night wheu two upper classmen took a freshmau out to a maren near town where they claimed they had hnes laid, and there lost him. The eager learner waited faithfully until 4 a. m., wben he concluded there would be no game, and with difficulty fouud his way back home. - U. of M. Daily. Mr. and Mrs. J. Krischbaum entertained a large number of their frieucls at their home in Kalamazoo Tuesday eveniug iu honor of the 40th anniversary of their wedding. Mr. Krischbaum married Miss Gruner at Ann Arbor and at once brougbt her to Kalaruazoo where theyjhave li ved ever since. Those present from out of the city were the Hou. W. W. Wedemeyer, Leouard Gruner and Miss Emily Gruner, of Ann Arbor, Fred Wademeyer and Theodore Wedemeyer of Chelsea, Michigan, Jacob Klein, of Lima, Micnigan, and William phal, of Bridgewater, Michigan. Refreshrnents were served and cards formeel tbe amusement of the evening.