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A delightful chínate and fertile lauds await you. Excursión tickets are sold írom all points in Michigan to Virginia, North and South Carolina on the first and third Tuesday in each month. The Hocking Valley Railway in connection with the Norfolk & Western Eaiway form the only line to the south and southeast without tedious lay-overs en route. Write for accurate maps and detailed information of L. W. LANDMAN, General Traveliug Passenger Agent, C. , H. V. & T. R. , 7 Woodward Ave. , Detroit, Mich. 615tf Is t Malaria or Alum? Langour, loss of appetite, indigestión and often íeverishnees are the coruomu symptoins oL a physiological condition termed "malaria." All these syrutoms inay be aud frequently are the effect of the nee of alnm bakiug powders in food inaking. Tere is nu question about the poisonous effect oí a.lum tipon the system. It obstiuts digestión, posrtratee the nerves, coagularen and devitaltizes the blood. AU this has been made clear, thanks to physieians, boards of health, and food commissions. So "highly injir. ious to the health of the coininunity'" does the eminent head of the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Barker, consider the alnm baking powders, that he says "their sale shoald be prohibited by law. " Under these cicrumstances it is worth the while of every housewife to employ the very httle care that is necessary to keep so dangerons au element from the food of her family. A pure cream of tartar baking powder, which is the only kind that should be used, oughc to cost about 45 cents to 50 cents a pound. Therefore, if you are paying much less, soiuething is wrong ; if yon are paying 25 cents or less per pound, the powder is certainly made from alum. Always bear these simple f acts in miud when purchasing baking powder. To cure La Grippe, Keep warm, especiaHy the feet, and take Dr. Miles' Nervine. LUTZ&50N MANUFACTURERS OF Sk FURNITURE AT,T, KINDS OF LIBRARES BARBER SHOPS STORES MILLINERY SALOONS EMPORIUMS Etc. Etc. DESIGN WORK A SPECIALTY. o Repairingi of Furniture of Every Description. O Lutz & Son. Oflice and Factory on Vine St., Near W. Liberty St. Ann Arbor, - - Michigan New State Telephone No. 273.