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Haller's Jewelry Store

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VLaruTjTjTJvrinnnnjxrLrLannrLrinjxrLr EYE 6LASSES WILL AID pSgíSL ■ I You considerably even if yon fSlO I I'kX ak (io not fee! tliat jouabsolutely ueed JPrS ' ' fíJT IWW 5 : them. Many a person has premonfií- "'-'"' '='-r2r'";'B itory eye headaches that he thinks i'fliÁ. I fíJk'itíífim ' noUiingofunti] the time come wbeii Wi yMfc VV : i he must wear glasses, and usually 'wL===Hk'!íi ' -'íi that is the time wben glasses,though ii[ JmM v.3íív ' Í aidinj; liim to do his business, are 'WSM' V%'-- c' 5 too late to help his ailment much K-ÊL '''"-t'X 5 Eyeglasses. if worn at the proper ■Kmff'''M gS s c time, will ward off much eye trouble. MT?' ■sy fW 5 5 Iet us give you an examination. nJI3-"" f %jl!l!' ■ P 2 It will cost you nothing. ■ sS3Q$ 2