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nervous,weak, i DISEASED MEN. I SnOCURE'NOPAYS W THE NEW METIIOD TREATMEXT, W ü original with Drs. K. k K.. will Iki ■ tively cure forevar auy form vt Jilood or ■ ■ Sexual diaeape. It i.s tho result oí 30 ■ Jfi years' experience iu the treatment oí fK 4l these diseuses. 11 3WECURESYPH1USH Tri Tlüs terrible Blood Poison, tho terror fl 1 41 of miuikiiid, yielüs readilv to our NEW I 41 ■ 'JI i:T.MK.T. Beware oí .Mercui , tgt H Potash, etc. Theyiuay ruin your .ystein. ■ ■I If you have Boreái tho íuouth or tongue, H 1 41 I"1"19 'u '!' .ioiuts, euro thl'oat. hair or I rÁ Ukg eyebrowá falling out, piuiplesor blotche?, U n stomach deraDgemont. sore eyes, [♦J ache?, etc-, you have tho secondary stnge TJ Hq oL this Blood Poiton. We solieit theÉ L# most obstínate cases, aixl challenge the I rA Ád world for a caso we accept for treatment M3 ■ and cannot cure. By our treatment tho ■ H ulcers heal, the hair growa again. puinfi H n disappear, the skin bocomes healthy, and H [ marriage is possible and lafc. 4 HCURESÊÜARATEEDQ tl men havo thcir vigor uutl itality appoil JÍ ■ by early nbuí-es, later exeesse?, meutnl wma I worry, etc. Nu matter the caiise, uur H Hl ïsew Method Treatment i Uio refuge. H HWECURESMPOTENCYÏÏ And restore :ill ];itIs io a normal lJ W tíon. Ambition, life and eneigy uro pH I newed, and one íeels hiniHclf a man é má ainong men. Every case is treated UJ ■ vidually - no enre-ali - heneo our H ■ ful success. No matter what ails you, H r3 consult us confidentially. Wo can W J nish bank bonds to (ruarantec to 11 Wj plish what wo claim. wm 250,00@CURED j3 We treat and cure: EMISSIOS Láj ■ VABICOCELE, SYPHTLIö, (iLRKT, ■ ■ STRICTURE. IMP0TBN0Ï. SECHEtB ■ DKA1XS. rXXA'lTRAL M 3 ES, KUJXEY and BLADDER Diseñes, lij Jü CONSl'LTA'ilOX FltEE. BwKS 7% plFREE. If unablo to cali, write for r J QUESTION BLAXK for HOME WM M TREATMEXT. ffi ■Kennedy Kergan M Cor. Michigan Ave. and Slieïby St. R y DETROIT, MICH. MU