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k. wa ekVHíVSbbSqk Kff#2Swín [MPKOVED ACME QUEEK PARLOR ORGAÜ, bjfrelglitC. O. D., subject to JJSSBShHhHW . .--ffflL riamlnatkin. Yóu can examine it at y ournearest f reight depot, tt _,„,,,,. .A.allll and if you flnd it eiaotly os reprecnted, equal to organa thaf ?fgz%giLlNsS ai- ) retail at $?5.00 to 100.00, thegreatest value j-oueversaw and vnraHj BwflE far better than organs advertised by others at ïuore mmiey, pay M BS, ËHjB SS E fe8r,Ire0OT5;ai?eictefferpri!C' $3'-75' g M 1M $31,75 IS PUR SPECIAL 90 DAYS' PRICE ffi.ff iï 11 D.1 oth.r,. s„,., u„ „)rL.r „ „„ „ever made bcfore.' Cl""'B" JuJEj THE ACME QUEEN is oneof themontni UablkaM)SWEKTKST V-f J T_ ,;'#,L 1UNKD Initrumcni ercr made. Krom the illustraüon ihown, whioh VHM : 74 -y&'-U isengraveddlrectfromaphotograph.youcanformsomeidèaofita H J ■ fl kÏHI boautitul appearance. Made from eolld quarter xuwcd ïv. V M I llfiK ouk, antique tinish.liandsomely decoratedanduriiaineiued Uecfl r V iH ltctl8tTle. TUK ACME qCKK.N 196 fcet 6 indios hiith,' g '" Vm Tilff 4a inches long, 23 inches wide and weighs 360 pounds. Con! mjM tains 5 octaves, 11 stops, asfollows: UlapaiOn, Principal, JE tSSSB IKf; Dnlclin., Melodía, Celeste, Cremona, Bans Coupler, Triblè jK _I B Coapler, Din(iaK()ii aid Vin Humana; -J Ocíate Couplers, ■! Éj8SgU aajEgg' MU lToneSnell, 1 Crand Oraran Bwell, 4 Sols Orch.itral Tonnl ilWBggl MTM Beonaloi7 Pipe Qoalltj Reed, 1 Bel of 8 J Poro Sweet Melodía WSSjTlZ!. TfSR'.Mk Bff Reed., 1 Sel f31 1 linrmint-U BrlllUnt Celeste Reeds, 1 Het of fH KSSSsSSSSLfli IHÏHIS Ï4 Ricli Jlellott Snioolli DlapnKOo Reed, 1 Set of 24 Pleln5 LB "ShHiHHMI SofUlelodloi. Principal R„d,. THE ACME Ol EEN BSBIkH' I iSrJSrtffl tioneonsiBtof tliecelebratedKewell Keeds.whicharoonly I S=l-U H used in the highest grade instruments; litted with ■ ■II JUEí mond toupler. and Voi Humana, also best Bolge felts, stÜSsI al I plate rrench mirror. nickel plated pedal fn s, SBB Bd'I ! II KV and every modern improvement. We farnish free a hand ATl Bill ome organ stool and tbe beatorgan Instruetlon book publlahed. UBJ GUARANTEED 25 YEARS. g J gf issue a written binding 25-year guarantoe, by tho ■"SjBiyffl IgJlllllMli'l terms and conditions of whieh if any part givcs out llcfV,gDi:K HHSSS we repair it lrce of.liarBe. Try it Tone month and " K%3FPlKB ÍK iÜlillUSS Í Hei III i OURRELIABILITYISESTABLISHED J yu ;; UE gjrJ riot dealt with us aak your neiglibor about ua.writC '' ■:.. " ' =--=:= &%& . the publisherofthispapcror Metropolitan National ""i ■■ .■■ liank, or Corn Exchange Nat. Bank, Chicago; or Germán Exchange Bank, New York; or any railroad or expresa omjiany in Chicago. Wc have a capital of orer $700,000.00, ot'cupy entire one of the largest business blockain hcago, and employ nearly 2.000 people In our own building. WK 8ELL OR0ANS AT 22.00 and np; PIANOS, 15-00 naiip; also overythniK in musical instrumenta at loweet wholesale prices. Write for free special organ, piano ind musical instrument catalogue. Address, (Sears, Hoebuei Co. are thoroujhlj relUble - ï.ltor.) SEARS.ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.), Fulton, and Wayman Sts., CHICAGO, ILL.