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CÜT THI3 AD Bm; a, oi'iud Bïodto t mm rT „Ithln 700 miles or Chie.go, we nlll sond you thls TOP BIGGY BY FBKUiHT f . O. D. X MMdHB OO SrBJKCT TO KXAHISATION, jon esn rumlie it nt jour frclghl depot and If round NlW WH I'EBFKCTLY 8ATISFACTOUY, KXACTI.Y AS KEI'KKSKMEI), K(l'AL TO HL'UKIKS K7I Ml CO that rktailat60.00 to 76.00 mi THE GRAHDEST IARQAIN ÏOU EVER SAW, .XIA'IBH C3 p.j thefreight eent OUR SPECIAL PRICES38.9O, rWti-, , gffift-V-, and freight charges, loss the C1.00 sent with order. ■■ JUTS& HP'VV. WE MAKE THIS TOP BUGGY !l m&SÈm WÈlÏÏX makers put in 15.00 buggics. Latest Style For 1899. "--■ I fjBB HH BbMsZ 21x54 trom the Be3t Seasoned Wood. Gcr, Best That Money Can YrtTKvtkiíi. I ITJWflSg-- 1 Build. End BprlngB, ns illustrated, or Brewster Side Bar. Whels, S ZVTMR.tAI Aii' f High Grade Screwed Rim Sarves Patent. Top, 24 ounce, Daily VV1 Tl?JrV VvawsÑ Rubber Heavily Lined, f uil slde and back curtalns. Falntlng, JK'X'JtJl J&SsS WWÜIi? teed equal to any 8150.00 bUKfry work, Body black, Geardark greon W" "'lti ' ' f ffl il Or Red. üphol sterln, hery green Freoeh body eloth or Etsd'i Leather. - 7J S3S.90 IS OUR SPECIAL PRICE for top bnegjeoiplet, wlde or n.n-ow tráí. foll leogth ild ud blek irtiloi, .tan pron, eurpet, wrench, uti-rattlen nel „hafts. OUARANTEED TWO YEARS wlUlast alltetlme. For BnnieíattlS Sü up, wbitk FOB fbek BD8ST CATALOflDK. YOL) CAN MAKE $500.00 Thls Year SelUn OUR in on BUQGIES. OKDBB ONB TO-DAY, YOTJ CAN SELL Iï Fo3Èl $60.00 DON?T 5AY 538.90 Address, SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.), CHICAGO, ILL