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jp$lVIUZED 1 SLCATARRH , jk . WS Itiscalled by a fáMl mSÊÈs. tnousand namesIPBF wSvfiSk. E. Bland, UartPe-ru-na Medicine Co., Columbas, O. Dkab Sms: - "I trust no one wilt think ftrom this that I would wish my name in public for any cause only to let eufferers know where tbey may find relief írom many pains. I can truly say I have been much benefited by the use of Pe-ru-na. I feel better than I have for years. I have suffered foryears of chronio catarrh, bronchitis, asthma and female trouble, of which I have been much helped by Pe-ru-na. I know the virtue of Pe-ru-na. If for no other reason t would pay to keep it for colds. It keeps off colds, it prevents grippe, and builds up the nerves. I gladly recommend it to all as the cheapest and best medicine." Mrs. Bland suffered from diseased membranes; nearly every organ of the body was affected. Pe-ru-na cured her by making the membranes healthy. , Dr. Hartman's books on catarrhal diseases are easily undarstood and scientifically exact. Write for them. Special book for women. These books are free. Dr. Hartman will prescribe for fifty thousand women this year free of charge. Están: of Charles Clements. TATE ÜK MICHIGAN, COUNTY OF Washtenaw, ss Al a session of the Probate Coun for the ''onnty of Washtenaw, hollen at the Prol ae Uilice in the City of Ami iVrbor, on Monday, the 3rd day of April, o the year one thouBand eight hundred aud ïlnety nlne Present. II. Wirt Newkirk, Judge of Proaate. 1d the matter of the estáte of Charles Clements. rleceased On redding imd fillnsr the petition, dul.r rerified. of Marv Clements praying that the lower of htü-self' 1 1n widow of deceased may headmlnismirilniirt aselgned to her out of the real estáte, whoreof the said deceased died ípized, and for the appointment of Commissioners. Thereupon it is ordered that Saturday, the 29th day of April next, at ten o'clock in thé forenoon, be a-slsned for the hearing of sftid petition, ami ihut the heir at law ot' said (V'(;tiiscii, [íuú all o! her persons Interesteü in said estáte, are requlred to appear at a Bession ol BalU Court, then to be holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor,and show canse, if any there be, why the prayerof the petition'er shouldnot be (traoted. And t s further ordered that said petitioniir ;ive notii'e to the persons intiirested in said estáte. OÏ the pendency of said petition, and the hearing thereof. by eausiiiff acoi)v of this order to bepubhshed in the Ann AHior Argus-Democrat. a newspaper printert ai (1 irculated in said oounty. three duocebtsive woeks previous to said day of hear- LÜE. H.WIRTNEWKTRK. Judge of Probate-. [A true copy 1 P. J Lkhma.v P obate Résister. Estáte of Mary E. Horrigan. OTATE OF MICHIGAN. COCFTY OF j Wiislitfnaw, ss. At a K'-ssIon of the Probate C'ourl turthe Co'intjof Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Ofliee in the city of Anit Arbor, On Satúrelas ihe 28th day of March in tbp yar ine tluusand eight bundredi and ointty-iiiue. Present. H VVirt Newkirk, Judge of ProbPte. In the matter of the estáte of Mary E, . Horripun, deceaeed. D. W. Barry, executor of the last wllï and testament of said deceased, comes lntci courtand represents that hc is now prepareö to render hLs lina account :ib sucb exeentor Thereup n ii is ordered that Monday. the 24th day oí A pi il next -,a ten o'clook íd the foreiuxjn. In a-siirnel foi" pxaminiDïi and' allowinü BtjOh Rccount, and that the devisees,legatees and helrs ut law ut aiil deceased,. and al! other prrms i merfsted in s.iid estáte,, are reqiM'C'l Lu a-ppti&r ata sension of siiói Court, th'-n te ImIiI'ti attbe Probate Office-, n tbe City rit' n Vpbor, in uid Coitntv, and show oium), f any thre be. why the saiJ account sDOuld no be llovttl. And it is fur■her ordtïi'f'd that sm1 executor (rive notic.e lo tlie pci'fiontí in'eriísteü ín saul estáte, oí lts pemjeoey "f s;iid account and the hearing; Uien of. y cau'iog a copy nf this O'-dfr t hepublifitaed ni the Aun Arliur Arjms-Oemocrat.,, a newspupur printed kh.í circuiiuin2 ÍD' said Uounty thn-psucoessive w. eks pr;viousto saili flay of hearing. H. WIKT VF.WKIRK. Judije ot l'iobate. LA time copy.] P. .1. uxhhan. Probaie Ke?istcr. Nutice to CfjJitors. TATK ()!' MICHIGAN, rOCNTT OF Washttii.t w. ss. N'ttice is hereby siven-, that by :ui i'ili r olthi1 I'mhare Conrt for the County uf vviisluinHw, made on the lst day of April. A l. 1C99. -ix mont.hs f rom that late wem nllowi-d tor croditora 'o present ihefr el ■ im.v n'iiin-t t lie estáte of PatricU O'Heain. !■ of ai(l County, deceased,. :in1 ítint al iic.iüois ut'said deceaeed are reiiuircrt i" i"' ■m thcir clalrrw to sald ProbateOou't.n' O1 l'ro'mit' offire in thecity of Aum rbor. :, i1 , íi nti' m (n ;int nHowance. 011 or befon ii, ■ '.mi (híj uf "lol it ie.t, mi hau 1 11-ti i i mi' u ii' '■ :iit 1 1, --a id Oourt. oit the iii'l .■!! of u i'.ü hi d on the 2nr luy i'lii'iíei iftv ii'. t ti-n o'clocli Ín hè (fit i.wt'i' of : I ni f-a'd íjayy. Da i u. .Imi Alti ' l.rll Ift. A n. 8Í . H. WIIíT NI-VKIRK, Tude of Probate, To cure La Gnppe, Keep warm, especially fhe feet, and take L)r. Miles' Nervine.