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WITHYOUB ORDER, cuttws . . , ui. outuuilBtïuü to us, aud rirrraJW C L ewiii seadou0UR HIGH IfeuLÉflüfiÉB J I I5CÍ GRADE DÍOPCAIIKET tURDICK SEWIHG MACHINE } shl c: .o. u. nbjwt o eiui.iff TSW I ■ ation. YoucanexamineJt at your nearest freiirht depot and if „■■ , V - ffifefT I ■ 1 f ound prfertJr aatlretorj. exactly as represented, HBk IJ, JlPI .A. aa# eqaal 10 aaehlat othrrs ui! aa hlrh u $60.00, ud Tilt- ■ - - _JBfcB5aMawgKMaP MBb SRÏtTEST BiBülIX TOl) ETIB HX1ED OF, p.j !rE Ëfia. rreiubt tent Our Special Offer Pnce $15 50 BBK and f reiKht charge. The machine weighs 'a'aw 9 120 pound and the freight wili average 75 cent tor each 600 miles. ■ CIVE IT THREE MONTHS' TRIALin jour owu home. and Bi B we wiU return your 115.50 any day you are not satisöed. We iel! ■ spBiaS rmal aiakll ui tndit of Srwlsc Mwhlnr. mt $8.(0, $10.00, (11.00, H Hf .'t■ HM MHBB 11.00u4nr, )l rail; 4eicrlbi4 I. O.r Frir Srian Backt CUIoroe. Vi A. I ITnflMlr-4 bSI5.5O fortkl. DROP DESK CABIHET BURDICK #11 vP I LÍ ■Allí 5 ?E ia tb greateat value erer offered by any rjouie. f 11 I UMI o." BEWARE OF IMITATIONS - T' M lllwtll ? lï ▼ertisments, offering ukiown afachlaet ander Tarioas nemes, with ■■L f T % ë"- TariouB inducementl. WHU aoa fricad la Chicaro aad leani wko are fí&& H 1 ' e - BILUBM 1ÜD WHO 4RI HOT. U] MagagÓBBFfl 1 ' ? I Hfc DUKUIlli IÏSBI 6000 POIKT OK KTKKr H1UII Baf HaifiÈM"1-' 1. ======: 6B1DE ACHINE Dit, WITH THE f fjffBB g LMl J, DinCTBOVIOll. MA1E BT THE BEST MAKER IN AMERICA, rrj SS ---fl-aHagajpiif FKOM THL BEST HATKKIAL "" ' ■Wi ?ASf'YT SOLID QUARTEB SAWED PAK ?hopd8k [ PIANO F0L1BBKD. one illustration shows machine closed, (heaUdropje I 9 PivS trom sipht) to be used as & entf r tablc, tUad r dek, he other H jBi epen with full lencth table and head in place for sewing, 4 ttmty ■ B[ drweri, Uteat 18M tkeletoa fr&Be. carved, paneled, embossed and 2 jH tl_B wÊ t decoraled cabinet finish, finest uickel dravrer pulls, reets on 4 cu K B (Ir I B" mMH"1 ters' aI1 tH?artnK Lüle trcadle. genuíne Smyth iron stand. Kg TV ■ ■ 5 0 Hlll Finest IarK HiRh in hed, positivo f uur inotion feed, self tlireading Tibrat - f H Vl ■ m I Hl inp shuttle, automatic bobbin winder, adjustable hearings, patent tensión 5 i"í f 11 t I B bH liberator, improved Ioose wheeï, adjustable presser foot, improved shuttle r-o-s wAm '■ I I AHR carrier, patent needie bar, patent dressffuard.head is handsoniely decora ted 5 S f ë NS 1 19 H Rnd ernmted d NICKEL TRIIVIIVIED. ■ -b IbHI =SBV Krery kuowo ttschmfet s fumished and oor Free Instruction Book tella L " UI WrySyíSVCU íust howanyone can run it and doeither plain or any kind of fancy work. -Z," llMtfWÍlfpío'l A20-TEARS' BINDING QUAKANTEE Is sent with every machine zj -WBWdyj jgg tt T COSTS YOU NOTHING to see and examino this machine, compare it B-1:?" aj uo' IUU wmmq with those yourstorekeeper sellsat $40.00 m to $60.00. nd then if convinced joa ar ítíoc $25.00 io $40. 00, -.. Toar frtlgat urnt th $15.50. WB TO KÜTIKN YOUR $15. 60 If at any time williin ihrcr nontbt yoa ty yoa ri notniiiOtd. 0BD1RT0 DAT. DON'T DKLaY. (Sears, Roebuck t Co. are thoroughly reliable- Editor.) Address, SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.) Chicago, III.