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1 09 South Main Street. Everything in Ta...

1 09 South Main Street. Everything in Ta... image
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1 09 South Main Street. Everything in Tan and Black Shoes OF THE OOTY AND FEINER SHOE STOCK. To be closed out without reserve. Meirs Tap Solé, Work Shoes, worth 1-50 at :..$1.00 # Men'sDress Shoes, best $1.50 valué JoP'"" Boys $2.00 Shoes, none etter anyWm Youths good wear V'eívet Caif Shoes w;. i worth $1 25 at 98c ■:' 81 Youths Spring Heel. Velvet Calf JL y m Lace Shoes, worth $1.00 at 69c jmP"';Í j" '$ Youths Spring Heel, Yelvet Calf. jBF'lh %, also Tan, worth $1.25 at 98c áF'WfJoLpJ Men's Oil Grain, Tap Solé, Bal. and F" Ht ' 1 Gong, a hummer $1.25 JR?;: " #f Men's Oíl Grain. Tap Solé, Bal. and sSEt--í&máímm Gong. , worth $2.00 at $1 50 _ím'-Ím Women's Fine Kid, All-Leather, fjgF? ■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■L fH $3.00 and $4.00 Shoes $1.98 mSEmfR - sr: ;SWomen's Fine Kid, Tan and Black, also Vesting Tops, O. K'd by maker, worth 12.50 "., ' $1.98 Women's Fine Kid Button, no oSTeedle Toes, worth $3.50 98c Misses Fine Kid. All-Leather. Spring Heel and Heel Shoes, worth $1.50, $2. 68c Child's Tan and Black Lace and Butts- they will piease you 48c Intants Tan and Black, extra good'value 19c Infanta Tan and Black, Soft Soles, none better 19c DF OA AQQ THE BARGAIN SHOE STORE, ■ L- VJ L- #"J. 1 09 South Main Street: