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The Church Gets $200

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The Day's Business in the Probate Court.

In the probate court Saturday commissioners were appointed to apportion the dower interest of Mary, the widow, of Charles Clements, of Scio. George Aprill was appointed administrator of the estate of John Hames. The estate consists of a mortgage of $1,700. John S. Pacey was appointed administrator of the estate of Nancey Pacey, deceased, of Scio. The heirs are two daughters, Stella Smith and Olive Clark. The heirs waived in writiug an appraisement. It is beheved the estate is quite large.

A petition to probate the will of Albert Hindelang, of Chelsea, was filed. The document is dated Jan. 31, 99. After the debts are paid the deceased bequeaths $200 to Rev. Fr. William P. Considine, pastor of St. Mary's Catholic church, to be expended for the saying of mass for the repose of the soul of the deceased mother, Mrs. Catherine Hindelang, and that of his own. The further sum of $200 is to be expended for a family monument on Mt. Olivet cemetery. The balance of his personal property is to be divided share and share alike, between his father Jacob, and brother Frank J., George A., and Felix F. The estate is estimated to amount to $1,100, the bulk of which consists a certificate with the order of Foresters. The will is witnessed by G. W. Turnbull and Frank Staftan. G. L. Hoyt was appointed administrator of the estate of Oscar Lamkin, of Saline. He was the man that was killed by a borse.