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Real Estate Transfers

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Real Estate Transfers

William Mulholland to Elizabeth Mulholland, Ann Arbor, $450.

Archie Gauntlett and wife to W. H, Murray, Milan, $1.

Thomas L. Leach and wife to Adam G. Faist et al., Chelsea, $555.60.

Joseph Wilsey to Sterling Bullock, Pittsfield, $2,000.

John Miller to Christian Samp and wife, Lima, $900.

William E. Burleson to Jas. N. Nesmith, Ann Arbor, $1.

Lottie B. Thompson et al. to Noah W. Cheever, Ann Arbor, $800.

Jacob Shaw and wife to Clement Gill, Ann Arbor, $160.

State of Michigan to John Monagan, Saline, $640.

Matthew Seeger and wife to Edward A. Hauser, Saline, $2,064.

Sophie E. Garland to Beutch B. Davis, Ann Arbor, $60.

Elizabeth Mulholland to William Mulholland, Superior, $450.

August Fruhauf to Caroline Fruhauf, Ann Arbor, $35.

Anna B. Bach to August Dietz, Ann Arbor, $400.

Charles A. Sauer and wife to Daniel L. White and wife, Ann Arbor, $4,200.

James E. Burke to H. J. Burke, Ann Arbor, $2,475.

John G. English to Estella M. Bowins, Manchester, $1.

Charles Walker and wife to Merrick Burch, $270.

William Ellsworth and wife to Charles W. Ellsworth, Lyndon, $3,000.

John S. Kaercher to Charles G. Kaercher, Sylvan, $1,200.