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Ann Arbor Defending a $25,000 Case.


Made So by a Leaking Hydrant.

The Plaintiff's Wedding Was Postponed and She Has Been Disabled So That Her Testimony Has to be Taken at Home.

The case of Ratie E. Corey vs. the City of Ann Arbor, was reached in the circuit court yesterday. The plaintiff in this case was injured by a fall on William st. on Feb. 4, 1898, and has been confined to her bed since and is still unable to get about. She claims the accident was due to a defective sidewalk and the ice on the walk and that the city is therefore responsible for her injuries. Mr. Lehman in his opening speech claimed he would show that the sidewalk had been covered with ice two to three inches thick, which had been formed by the dripping of a detective hydrant some 15 inches back in the yard of No. 314 E. William st. After the ice was formed it remained in that condition three days which Mr. Lehman claimed was a constructive notice to the city of its dangerous condition. He also stated that the plaintiff was about to get married and therefore was unusually busy in preparing her outfit. To this Mr. Lawrence, one of the attorneys for the defendant, objected The jury sworn in the case consists of Fred Buss, H. B. Feldkamp, Hudson Larzeliere, John Burkheiser, William Reiser, Edward Burke, Christopher Leyman, Henry Fullington, Henry Koch, C. J. Kelly, John Jones and George N. Ruthruff.

The first witness sworn was Frank Montford a student. He knew there was ice on the sidewalk but could not fix the time. He had not heard of Miss Corey's injuries until last fall. The accident had occurred in the month of February. He was followed on the witness stand by Vernor Sauble. He recollected the condition of the walk and had examined the cause of the ice on the side walk.

A number of other witnesses were examined the testimony all going to show the icy, slippery condition of the walk at that particular point. The testimony went to show that there was some three inches of snow on the walks which had been packed solid by travel. But at this particular point there is an incline in the walk, that a hydrant had been left open and considerable volume of water had run over the snow, onto the sidewalk and covered some 20 or 30 feet with ice which was much more slippery than other portions of the walk on either side of this place. At 3:30 a recess was taken while attorneys consulted with the judge relative to taking the testimony of Miss Corey. It is understood her condition is such that she cannot be moved excepting a bed or couch. It is proposed, therefore, to take her testimony at her home. The defense agreed to this.

The plaintiff is represented by Messrs Lehman & Stivers and the city by Messrs. Butterfield, Lawrence and Norris.