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SOflETHING WORTH KNOWINO. There arecomparatively few persons but wliat suffer more or less f rom some tona of stomach or nerve trouble. The person tliat can boast today over the digestive power of their stomach, and their freedom trom its annoyance, can be seen tomorrow cousulting a physician or druggist lor something to relieve its distress. Showine: the suddenness of attacks of Dyspepsia in some of its many f'orms. Dyspepsia is the most deceiving disease that exists, as it effeets various organs of the body often in an indirect manner. For instance, man y are tieated for heart disease when in fact an iuliarned and distended stomach produce an undue pressure upon the heart, causing the individual to think the trouble lies alone witli this organ. Thus many cases can be cited vvhere the judgmeut has been deeeived and the wrong thing tieated wbile the true cause was overlooked. The proper thing to do is to first lócate the cause, and, because of the fact that nine-tentbs of all the diseases origínate from a deceased stomach, it is safe to apply the treatrnent first to this organ, and a few applications of the proper treatment will quickly convince a person that the above statement is correct. A safe and pleasant treatment that is giving perfect satisfaction, is a tablet preparation associated with a metbod treatment known as Drake's Dyspepsia Cure and Nerve Restorer. A few days use of this treatment will relieve ;uiy difHculty of the stouiaeh or nerves, and its continued use tor a short time yill permanently cure any disease of ihe stomach (except cancèr) in existence. Sold by II. J. lirowii and E. j Calkins.