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From Tuesday's Daily Argus. The new state telephone line is about completed thruugh Grass Lake township. Christian Mack has ordered au extensive veranda to be built cm the rear of his home on S. Fourth ave. The furniture factory of Camp & Kaufmann was burglarized last night. Only a few postage and revenue stamp were taken. Chas. A. Sauer has sold his house on the corner of Fifth ave. and Jefferson st. , to Del L. White through the Butler agency. Addison M. Williams and Miss Dora L. Warner came here from Milan this morning and were united in marriage by Justice Duffy. Judge Kinne gave a decree of divorce to James Bennett from his wife Eliza Bentiett yesterday afternoon. The grounds were for cruelty. The Arbeiter Verein have appointed John Mayer, George Lutz, jr., and Christian Wagner as delegates to the convention which is to be held at Detroit June 1-0. It is said that Congressman Smith has offered a $75 a month congressional pageship to the 12 year oíd son of Eugene J. Helber, editor of the Nene Washtenaw Post. In connection with the confirmation held in the Salem church in Scio Sunday last, it is of interest to note that William Aprill was confirmed in the same church 50 years ago. The house of bewis A. Olds, of Milaii, and its contents burned yesterday. The loss was $1,500. Mr. Olds allowed his insurance to run out last surumer and had neglected to renew it. Friends of the Argus will confer a substantial favor on the paper in asking that their probate notices be published in this paper. They can show their good will in this substantial way. Besides the stamps which were taken from the furniture factory last night there was also a wheel stolen belonging to Mr. Gundert. It was a "Progress" No. 66,814 with a black enamel. The Enights Templar Commandery will observe ascensión day services next Sunday at the grave of the late Judge Hiram Beakes in Forest Hill cemetery. Rev. Gardam, of Ypsilanti, will give the address. While working in the chemical laboratory yesterday afternoon Chas. Kent, '99, had his hands painfully burned by an accidental explosion of ether. Dr. Yutzy dressed the burns and it is hoped that no serious results will attend the accident. The Woman's League of the university, elected the following offleers Saturday: President. Miss Anna Daley, Menominee; vice president. Mies Louise M. Pagelson, Grand Haven; recording secretary, Miss Nancy M. Bentley, Marshall; corresponding secretary, Miss Florence Bowen, Ann Arbor; treasurer, Miss Jesie Horton, Chicago. The Ann Arbor Chicory Co. today shipped seed to Milan for the use of the farmers in that vicinity who have contracts with the company. There are still a few days left in which farmers can make contracts with the company. It guarantees to buy the chicory erop for 6 a ton. As the average yield in Bay county was seven to 12 tons to the acre it will be profitable. The Zeta Psi fraternity has completed arrangements for the erection of a new house on the site of the present house on S. State st. The Hon. Ben. T. Cable, '76, has agreed to advance the money for the construction of the house, and Mr. John Eisenmann, of Cleveland, architect, bas completed the plans. It is expected that the house wiil be completed this year. The Forest Hill cemetery board met this morning and decided to extend the water mains all over the cemetery. The improvement will cost about $500 The mains will consist of four inch pipes and the improvement will be greatly appreciated by those lot owners in the parts of the cemetery which are not now supplied with water. The committee with the matter in charge are Messrs. Schmid, Dean and Gruiier. Patrolman Isbell found a young man, who has jast about enough clothing on to cover his form, this morning lying down at the outskirts of the city. He is ieeling very sick and was given a bed at the jail until he recovers or can be be sent to the county house. His home is near Detroit and last night he 'bumped" his way to Ann Arbor from Toledo. He is a good clean looking young man and claims he is looking for work. The Dptroit, Ypsilanti & Ann Arbor railway in its answer fiied yesterdav in Detroit to the bill of the township board of Springwells, asserts that its tracks are not too high as charged, btit that the line is properly constincted. The tracks were not intended to be a part of the roadway for wagons and the practice of driving on them would be dangerous and should be prohibited. Tne service is halfhom-ly from 6:30 a. m., until 9 p. m., and hourly after that time, it is claimed, and more is unreasonable and uunecessary. From Wednesday's Daily Argus. The old John Gott hornesteact on W. Hurou st. , now owned by Dr. W. J. Herdman, is being re-shingled. Prof. B. O. Austin, for the past foor years principal at Saline, has been elected superintendent Of the Lowell schools. The Ann Arbor Arbeiter Verein have secured Relief Park for July 4, for a grand picnic to be given by the society. Marbhal Gerstner ; last evening recovered the wheel stolen from Herman Gundert Monday evening. It was left at the Kyer Milling Co. Charles T. Tomlinson, of Chelsea, declared inss!", was this morning taken to íár Jospeh's Retreat, at Dearborn,by buputy Sheriff Kelsey and Probate Register Peter Lehman. Washtenaw county gets $5,915 from the semi annual distribution of state primary school interest money made today. This is on the basis of 50 cents for each child between 5 and 20 years of age. Sheriff Gillen has a habit of changing his prisoners about so that they live up or down stairs altérnate weeKs, in an effort to separate them bo that they will be less apt to concoct schemes for treed om. The ïnau whom Patrolman Isbell found on the out skirts of the city yesterday morning with high water pants, torn shirt and coat and no tiuderelothing, on the ground very sick, was put on the cars for his home near Detroit last evening. Mrs. Phoebe J. Johnson, ot Dexter, bas applied to the probate court for administration of the estáte of her husband, Rha Johnson, who died May 4; '87. The Vidtfw Sfld two daughters, Aitena Arnold, of Dexter, and Ollie L. Arnold, cf Detroit, constjtute the heirs. The estáte is estimated at $4,000. This morning the court charged the jury in the case of C. J. Whitney vs. Alvin Wilsey which bas heretofore been given in the Argus. The jury went out immediately after the charge and was still out when the Argus went to press. The court then took up the case of Libbie Welske vs. James McFadden. ' The remains of Hugh McConnell, of Kankakee, 111., were interred this afternoon in the family burial lot in Forrest Hill cemetery Rev. Henry Tatlock, of St. Andrew's Episcopal church, officiated. Mr. McConnell died May 7, of heart disease, aged 57 years. His wife died in New Jersey four years ago. He leves three daughters. He j.was formerly a resident of Ann Arbor. A letter has been received from f. member of Co. A, 2lst Michigan, in which the statement ia made that all the computations of pay of the men tre being made up to May 17. This indicates that the regiment will be mustered out on that day. The present plan of tne men is tor the battalion, consisting of the Adrián, Tecumseh. Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor companies to travel together as far as Toledo, where they will seperate for their respective homes. O. M. Martin 's ambulance received a sudden call this morning. It made Oliver hustle to secure horses trom Robison's livery stable (his own was away) hitch up and iget to the Ann Arbor depot all wijsnin 10 minutes Tne cali was for1 Ja Mr. Bailey, of Adrián, a very sick man who was taken to the university hospital. On the way the poor man was in such great agony that Mr. Martin feared he would die before reaching his iestination. The nerd of an ambulance was never better illustrated than this morning. From Yesterday's Daily Argus. The Boston Festival Orchestra arrievd at noon today over the Ann Arbor road from Chicago. John Baumgardner, of the Electtric Marble Works, yesteraay shipped a monument to Waterloo, Mich. Strawberries in the local market were quoted a week ago at 25 cents a box and today tbey are quoted at 14 cents. Arthur L. Alexander has rented the Godfrey homestead, No. 704 W. Huron st., and is ready to move into the house. Richard Bilbie says his son Prof. E. N. Bilbie, of Pittsburg, Pa., the well known violinist, has been very busy this winter. He expects to spend the summer here with his father. Judge Victor H. Lane and Prof. Henry C. Adaros have been appointed by Governor Pingree delegates to the national meeting of the state boards of correction and charities in Cincinnatti in June. Cards are out announcing the approaching wedding of Katherine M., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Staffan, of Chelsea, and Edwin McKune. The ceremony is to take place May 17. The war department has notified the university that there is an opening for general teachers, who can speak Spanish, to go to Porto Rico at salaries of $1,200 per year. The notice was poeted on the nniversity bulletin board. Was the Detroit Tribune prophetic this morning when in an item conuerning the city of Jackson it wrote the word Jackson, Judson. Is Jackson preparing to change its name to that of the next warden, who is apt to be the whole thing, wíien he gets there. The Washtenaw County Teachers Institute will be held in Ypsilanti in the Normal College building this year and will continue four weeks. It will begio July 5, and close July 28 It will be conducted by members of the Normal College faculty. The Wayne County Medical Society will be iu Ann Arbor Tlmrsday, May 18. They will visit the hospital jnd look over the city. In the evening, in behalf of the Washteuaw Conuty Medical Society, they will be givsn a reception at the residence of Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Wessinger. Emil Molleiihaur, the conductor of the Boston Festival orchestra who with the members of the orchestra arrived today, reports their baving had crowded houses in Louisville, Ky. Madame Marie Brema, who has taken the place of Sembrich was given a great triumph. The people were exceedingly pleased with her singing. Judge Kinne this morning dissolved the injunction in the case of Holt & Co. , a Bostoq firin against the Toledo and Monroe electric railway company He gave no reasons bnc based his decisión on the affidavits filed iu the case. This permits the Monroe company to mane a contract with other bnilrlers so that they may save their franchises. Suit was comenced today by summons by Fanny B. Miller vs. the Detroit, Ypsilanti and Ano Arbor railway. Tarcy L. Towner is the plaintiff's attorney. The case is brought for the cutting down of 1 1 trees in front of the property of the plaintiff who resides east of Ypsilanti. She has never been paid for the trees althoagh others were paul. She wants a $1,001) damages. A good story is told on a lady in the city. She has been getting milk from the Sanitary Milk Co. One morning when the company 's delivery man called she declared the bottle of milk he had delivered the day before was sour. He asked to see it. It had been untouched. She said he could see for himself, how solid it was. She got a teaspoon and the solid milk was not sour but cream. . Prof. James W. Simmons, of Ypsilanti, superintendent of the training school of the State Normal college, was in the city last evening on his return from Dundee and Milan where he had examined the schools for the purpose of putting them on the Normal list. He reported great excitement in Dundee occasioned by the escape of three desperate prisoners frcm Toledo. It was believed that the men were in the neighborhood of Dundee. The farmers armed with pitchforks, meat axes, and all kinds of weapons were scouring the country trying to capture the desperadoes. If Superintendent Hemphill, of the trolley line, is correct in his views of the construction of the ordinance the city of Ann Arbor has been gold bricked in magnificent style. He holds that the ordinance in reference to free transportaron of pólice officers, firemen and mail carriers wbile on duty, ouly includes the proposed spur track around the court house. The ordinance provides as follows: Sec. 7. The grantee berein hereby agrees to furnish free transportation to all police officers and members of the fire and engineering departments of the city of Ann Arbor, while such persons are on duty, and also to letter carriers until such time as provisions shall "be made by the United States post office department to pay for the transportation of such letter carriers.