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It Will Cost $16,000

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The board of public; worlis list evening held a two honrs' sessiou. The bids tor the storm sewers were opened, that of Hntzel & Co. beiug found to be the lowest. All of the inenibers of the board were present. Ou motiou of Mr. Keech Louis Spalding was granted permission to move a building jrovided he paid for a license and filed a bond. The permit to be governed by all the rules of the board in reference to such operations. On motion of Mr. Schleicher Andrew Gibson was granted permission to move a buil-Jiug iuto the Seventh ward on conditon that he pay all damages by cutting wires in crossing the trolley road. Aid. Koch who was present suggested that they might have trouble with Superintendent Heraphill's 500 men. Mr. Mclntyre suggested that Co. A be called out. Aid. Koch thought Mr. Keech was afraid of the motor line. Mr. Keech replied that he was not but he believed that the safest plan was to go according to the rnles. On motiou of Mr. Keech Mr. Schleicher and the Street commissoner were instructed to investígate the best way of draiuing the water on the corner ot Fifth ave. and Summit st. Mr. Keech said the water at present was flowing from Summit st. and Fifth ave. into Wood & Son 's Lumber Co. On motion of Mr. Keech the subject i o? grading the sidewalks on the sonth side of Belser st. was referred to the sidewalk committee. The bids for the storm sewer were opened. Before doing so Emanuel Schneider oue of the bidders said he would rather have all the bids opened at that time to see if they were formal or informal. When they opuned the bids some amusement was occasioned in fiuding a check in his bid for $1.75. He gasped, dug down into his pocket and produced a certified check for $500 which he substituted for the check for ! $1.75. The bids showed the followiDg figures for the whole job : J. M. Spaulding, B pipe $21.310, A pipe, $21,524.13; Hutzel & Co, B pipe, $15,881, A pipe, $17,593; Schneider Bros., B. pipe, $20,101, A pipe, $22,054.90; Muir & O'Sullivan, B, pipe, $20,111, A pipe, $22,625. The board took no action on these bids. The bids cover the price of the work per f oot, manhole, etc., so that eventually the total amount paid may vary on these fingres somewhat. The boara will have the privilege of making clianges, the bids prescribing the amount to be paid for whatever work is áctually done. On motion of Mr. Keech, the request of T. L. Sutter, of S. Main st. , to rebuild the foundation walls of his shop, which are being wnshed out by Allen 's Creek, was referred to the chairman of the street committee and the engineer. Aid. Hamilton appeared before the board with the request to ent down two trees in front of No. 433 S. Fifth ave. Aid. Koch suggested that while they were considering the question,the board should take action in regard to a dead tree in front of Dr. John Kapp's house on S. Main se. On motion of Mr. Keech the street commissioner was instructed to remove the trees at his earliest conveniente. John V. Sheelian appeared before the board and spoke of moving the Hunt mansion on S. State st. to his lot across the trolley road The house was so large that it would be necessary to ent out two trees to reach the street. Mr. Keech thonght the house was pretty wide for the street and moving it down the street would iujnre the trees. All the members of the board advised Mr. Sheehan against undertakiug to move the building. Mr. Sheehau said he had not yet pnrehased the bttilding and he was present to discuss the advisablity. He seemed to agree with the views of the boar d.