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WNT LËAVE M CITY Plenty of Proof nlgbt l!-re iu Ann Arbor. Plsim is one thlng. proof another. r„lümbus claimed the world was round. DM people believe it? Not uutil he provCnproven claims have made the people ■EverTclami made tor the "Llttle Conqueror" is proven. Proved in Ann Arbor by local experlence. Here is one case from the many we have. Mr F. Walter, of 1103 Forest Ave., arpenter. says; " Inspite of all I could do to check it.I hart .a weakness of the kidneys and a loss of control 0VPr the sefiretions. At times when Wy work necessiated my looking lip or working over my head, I whs taken with spells of dizziness. Whcn a íriend advised me to use Doan's Kid■ney Pilis, I f?ot a box at Eberbach & Son's drug store and began to use them I feit better from the start and tliey did me more good tlian all the other medi" ine I ever took. Doan 's Kidney. Pilis for sale by all Realera. Price 50 cents per box. Sent by mail on receipt of price. FosterMilburn Co.,soleagents for the ünited States, Buffalo, N. Y. Eemember the name DOAN'S and take do other. fto Ccok's Dúchese Tableta, i Are uccesífully used by over ■i 10,000 Ldies; are prepared by au old and experienced physician. u)Lad!es ask your druggtst for 7 Cook'i Duche Tablets, astueyare the only safe and reliable monthly nown. Price, $1. By mail, $1.08. Send Tcents postage for Free Sample and full carticulars. Address The Cook Company, Boom 3, No. 253 Woodward Aye., Detroit, Mich. Soldin Ann Arbor at Brown's Drug tore. SEND US UNt UULLAn sendyou this bis 325-lb. o 1699 paltem blgli-srado RKSKRTO1B COAL AND WOOD C00K STOVK, by freight C.O.D., subject to exaniination. ExatniBG it at - ' =a=: - your freight rSd-r- C7 found 3 f&Tjí it&tfÜteÊ& snd frrratf!t .BHif MftMpí&BBEJK stfive _jKUvnLar&r 'wês nÊ&KtiïSz ever êaw tS IBf vjJSk XBJ or heard .-."-tp tbe a? m'"'':LyK less tbe ei-00 T WRITE FOR OUR BIG FREE $ent with.20L,fi STOVE CATALOGUE. -and freipht charges. This stove is Bize No. 8, oven ia WKxlSxll, top is 42x23; made f rom best pig iron, extra 1ar"e flues. heavy covers, heavy linings and grates, largeovenshelf, heavy tin-Iined oven door, handsome niekel-plated ornamentations and trimmings, extra large (Jeep, genuine8tndlshporOelain Hoed reservoir, handgome large ornamented base. Best coa! borner made, and we furnish FRKE an extra wood grate, makinp it a perÍ eet wood burner. WE ISSVB A BINDIXÜ OUARAKTRK wlt-h stove and guarantee safe delivery to your railroad station, Your local dealer would charge you 825.00 lor such a stove, the freight is only about tl.00 for ach ü00 miles, so wesaTcyon at least $10.00. Address, SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO.(INC) CHICAGO JLL (0er, Roebnek &Co. are tboroagbly reliable.- Kditor.) LUTZ & 5ON MANÜF XCTÜRKKS OF ÜSS&D FURNITURE ALTi KIN'DS OF LIBRARIES BARDER SHOPS STORES NML.UNERY SALOONS EMPORIUMS Etc. Etc. DESIGN WORK A SPEC1ALTY. . Repairing of Furniture of Every Description. O Lutz & Son. Office and Factory on VineSt., Near W. Liberty St. Ann Arbor, - - Michigan New State Telephone No. 273. m I ha!rrbalsam . r. JBB C iPB-TisoH and bcuutifiefl the ntir. SrTH Never FaJis to BeBtore Gray ■LBBB Hair to íta Youthful Color. RvfiM-HB Cures scalp discast-a te hair iaUiog. Need J , Horses í Once x and wiH allow good price m % for thetn to apply on piano or organ purchase. T ANN ARBOR MUSIG GO. S J 205-207 E. Wash. St. T DR. H. K. LUM, Physician and Surgeon. Oilice: 106 N. Pourth Ave., Ann Arbor, Hlch. County calis promptly attended to. Hours, 8 to 9 a. m. ; 1 to 4 p. m. and 7 to 8:30 m. New State Phone- House, 260: ofllce, 67 pringa.