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For Klondike Gold

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The troubles of tbe Kloudike. Ynkoii and Copper River Conipany, the oelebrated Chicagu company financiered by the Rey. Vroornan, in whicb many Aun Arbor people have invested money aud for which severa] tre in the Kloudike región, are over for the present at least.. The suits against it and brougbt by it have beeu dropped. The applicatiou for a receiver made by Henry M. Wallace, Robert D. Wilson, Julián T. McClymonds, Theodore A. Keyer and L. C.Weiumaun, of this city togetner vith five Dowagiac stockholders, will be pressed no farther. The snit the company brought against Wallace for damages has been likewise dropped. The basis .of the seulement was the turning over to Mr. Wallace on behalf of the Aun Arboi and Dovyagiac stockholders, and the others who put in their money at the instance of others thau Vroomau himself, 01 most of the valuable claims or privileges in the Yukon región and the payiuent to Mr. Wallace iu cash of hjs expenses. Assistant Secretary of War Meiklejohn, ex-Senator J. S. C. Blackbnrn and exCommissiouer of Pensions D. R. Mnrray aave been back of Mr. Wallace in the settlement. Mr. Wallace is uow iii Chicago havmg gone to that city yesterday. From here he goes to Vancouver to take a joat for the Klondike. Before leaviug liüie. he received notice ironi the Canadian government that he had been granted a dredging privilege of 30 miles in Fine Creek in British Columbia in the Altin district. He bas the second privilege for dredging 80 miles on the Hootalinqua river, and has been granted a tovvn site at the junction of she Hootaliuqua and JJewis rivers and wharfage privileges at Hootalinqua city. After putting the property iu proper shape and fully prospecting it, it is thought that he will return to the states prooabiy in November, when ihe new company will be fully organized. Wallace seemed to be feeling goód before he left, thinking evidently that the settlement was better possibly for ;he minority stockholders thau the apacintment of a receiver would have Deen. The Vrooman company is the oue that was capitalized at 112,000,000, iaif of which stock was taken by Mr. Vrooman in paj for his valuable services and ideas. He is the minister who shortly before 1 e went mto the scbeme jf promoting a Klondike company re;igned from the pulpit of the People's 3hurch in Chicago because as he said he 3onld not out of his income "pay his )ulcher, his baker or his candlestick maker."