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Has Become Insane

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A Toledo dispatch Sunday reads: Toledo, O., May 6.- The last chapter was added to a particularly romantic marriage today, when an announconient was received frotri Ann Arbor that Mis. M. O. Waggoner, of tbat city, had goue insane. Mrs. Waggoner is a prominent lady of that city. She feil in love with M. O. Waggoner, of Toledo, a man over 80 years of age, and they were married last fall. It was scarcely a week beore the aged spouse became brutal, and his wife was driven from the house and a policemau was callcd in to settle the trouble. The wife sought refage at a hotel and subsequentlv institnted a suit for divorce. Mrs. Waggoner asked the court to give her an allowance ot $5.000 and an absolute divorce. Today 's story tells that Mrs. Waggoner, sulïering frorn the strain of the past eight months, has hupelessly broken down iu mind, aud that the divorce proceedinga have been dismissed because of the plaintiff beingunable to be present and try the case. Her friendo in this city will make an attempt to have the court inake an allowace for her support, as it is stated that her mind cannot be restored. Mrs. Waggoner is well kuown in Ann Arbor, and her marriage to a man over 40 years her senior created much comment at the time1 i t occurred. Mrs. Waggoner was Mrs. Victoria Brown, a mother-iu-law of Prof. Levi D. Wines, of this city, and her marriage was a great surprise to her friends. A secoud Toledo dispatch attributes herinsanity to the shock of the treatment she received during the week she spent with her aged hnsband.