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Graceful Women

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Freedom f rom nervousness tnsures ease of movement. %$ Psiji'Pils Wsh UI over nervousness canQofc tëL MW)M kW yfl Disturbednervesindicatedisease. Wi mi-iM B SB Nervous women are seldom graceT -Wl V jsR .iM H ful. If graceful naturally, they CSv Jl'Wlá VF Xmf soon üse tlieir ease of movement (tfjfo Xfávíjy -ït {J jl xmf Many nervouswornenareastonished T&fÊÊËÊi _ L Avvm nt tiey nave catarrh. Catarrh , ( fcy' ÍAVoWf penetrates' everywhere; Pe-ru-n R VwÊÊÊÊÊsdllh Cllres i wherever located. Itmake ■j % 'ÊtÊÊy calm nerves and drives out catarrh, years I have been subject to neryous dyspepsia. I vould have speils of quivering in my stomach with smothering feelings. My nerves were ternbly debilitated. I was from what is called Dervous prostration. My stomach feit bloated and I was constantly weak and trembling. I consultea several physicians who treated me without me any good. I had almost given up in despair when I heard of Pe-ru-na. It was about six years ago that I first took Pe-ru-na. I found it an immediate relief to all my disagreeable symptoms. It is the only medicine that has ever been of any use to me." Send for Dr. Hartman's books on catarrh; they are mailed free. Special book for women. Pe-ru-na cures the diseases of the mucous membrane, and at the same time builds up the general health. All druggists sell it. Mrs. Rosina Horning, Kiver Basin, Mich., writes: " Last snmmer I was troubled with female weakness. Pe-ru-na helped me and now I can do my own work." Here is a letter from Mrs. Lmcie Waldie, Otsego Lake, Mich. She writes: " For three years I suffered with catarrhal dyspepsia. My mouth was so sore I could scarcely eat. I wrote to yon for advice and you told me to take Pe-ru-na and Man-a-lin. I at once got some and began to take it. It has been ten months since I began to use your medicines and I am perfectly well. I have n signs of my old trouble." The magnificent work accomplished by Pe-ru-na during the past f orty years in curing catarrhal trouble, is reflected in thousands of letters on file and constantly being received.