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Free! Free!

Rand McNally & Co.'s

Universal Atlas of the World.

Everything is New!

1899 Edition. 1899 Edition. 1899 Edition.

The Maps alone cost $50,000.00 and three years' time to produce.

This Atlas contains entirely new Maps of ever State of the United States and of every County of the World.

The maps in this book would cost $75.00 if purchased singly.

The work complete embraces:

64 Pages of artistically colored diagrams relating to imports, exports, population, etc.

157 Pages of colored maps.

98 Pages of illustrated history and biography.

125 Portraits and biographies of eminent statesmen, soldiers, and writers.

An index naming and locating every city, village, post office railway and express station in the United States, besides giving the latest official census complete.

Total number of pages, 456. Weight eight pounds.

Size of Book when closed, 11 1/2 x 14 1/2 inches.

Elegantly bound in Half Morocco. Sold for $6.00 at retail.

Our Offer.

We will give Atlas Checks at the rate of one with every 25 cents' worth of goods purchased. (Two for 50 cents, four for $1.00, etc.)

When you have secured 300 of these, bring them to Mack & Co.'s Store, and you will receive a copy of the Atlas gratis.

Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Mack & Co, Dry Goods.

Mack & Co, Cloaks and Furs.

Mack & Co, Millinery.

Mack & Co, Ladies' Footwear

Mack & Co, Boys' Clothing.

Mack & Co, Men's Furnishings.

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Mack & Co, Carpets and Draperies, Curtains, Rugs, Etc.

Mack & Co, Crockery and Chinaware.

Mack & Co, Bazaar and Household Goods, Toys, Bicycles, etc., 222, 224, 300, 302, 304 South Main Street and 108, 110 and 107 W. Liberty Street.

Cutting, Reyer & Co., Clothing and Hats, 201 South Main St.

Gruner & Lutz, Footwear.

Staebler & Co., Grocers - Sugar excluded.

Eberbach Hardware Co., - Wire Nails, and Fencing excluded.

H.J. Brown, Drugs and Bicycles, corner Main and Huron Sts.

Wm. Arnold, Watchmaker, Jeweler, Engraver, Optician, 220 S. Main St.

Seabolt Bros., Grocers, - Sugar excluded - 218 E. Huron St.

Anton Teufel, Harness, 307 S. Main St.

W. Wetmore, Books, Stationery and Wall Paper, 106 S. Main St.

J.J. Quarry, Campus Drug Store.

G.H. Wild Co., Merchant Tailor, 108 E. Washington St.

Hangsterfer, Caterer, Confectionery and Soda, corner Wash. and State St.

J. Laubengayer, Meat Market.

CJF. Pardon, Groceries and Meats, 221 223 N. Main St.

H.G. Lodholz, Grocers and Confectionery - Sugar excluded - 1002 Broadway

Don't forget these Facts

Checks only with Cash Purchases.

Checks from all stores count, you don't have to get them from one place.

That the Atlas cannot be BOUGHT for les than $6.00. 

That you get it for nothing.

To ask for Checks.

Always ask for Atlas Checks and get the 1899 Edition. Half Morocco Binding.

A grand opportunity for the people of Ann Arbor and Vicinity.

Remember --- You can always see and examine the Atlas at Mack's Store