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A Large City Park

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A Large City Park

Can Pe Had For a Very Little Money.

Prettiest in Michigan

An Option on Land Wanted Obtained.

Ann Arbor Has a Great Opportunity to Beautify Herself and Open a Park Which Would Prove a Great Summer Attraction.

Ann Arbor is to have a city park which wiil accommodate all Sunday school picnics from all parts of Washtenaw county and also the usual picnics from Detroit. At least this is so if no one throws a barrel of cold water on it.

Mr. Keech of the board of public works has an option for 90 days on the piece of ground along the boulevard comprising all the land between Judge Kinne's cottage and the road south of it including the river. The price for this land which consists of from 10 to 15 acres is $1,000.

It is proposed that the city shall spend about $300 per year in improvement and fix up the park along the plans of a little Venice. There is now a pond there of pure spring water which can be fixed up very prettily at a small expense. 

If there is anything Ann Arbor needs to beautify the city and to give comfort to its citizens during the warm weather it is just such a grove or park. People are attracted to Detroit through Belle Isle. Why can not Ann Arbor have some such attraction? As a convention town it is only second to Detroit and the boulevard drive with the park would add greatly to leaving a favorable impression to the hundreds of visitors from all over who come here.

Aside from this the university is now a continuous school, which does not close during the summer and a great many teachers and educators come here to study during their summer's vacation. What has Ann Arbor to offer in the shape of entertainment during the warmer months? Such a place would be the Mecca for picnics, parties and a place to escape the cruelties of old Sol.