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Electricity Vs. Gas

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í "When the regeuts deoided to liglit tbe xmiversity buildings and grounds by electricity instead of gas, tney not only made a big saving as over gas, bub they also secured better lighting. ín order that the exact cost of operating the lighting plant may be plainly seen, ■the Daily Argns today pubhshes an itemized table of tbe cost. The total expense connected With the lighting plant or rather the cost of lightiug is $4,700. 7ö, whereas it woulld oost approximately to light with gas about $8,500. LABOR. One engineer atJ$750, one engineer at $700, one electrician at $600 ; total .$2,500. INTEREST AND DEPRECIATIOK. The cost of engines and generators 5,000; cost of switch board $900; cost ■of feeders and all wireing $20,000; cost of piping $800: boiler plant 4,500; total co4 of plant $81,200. COST OF Ol'ERATING. Depreciation on engines and generatcrs, $5,000 at 5 per cent, $250 ; on swithch board, $900 at 2 per cent, $18; ■on i'eeders and wireiiig, $20,000 at 2 per cent, $400 ; on pipeing, 800 at a percent, $16; on boiler, y% of $4,500 at 10 percent, $150; total $834. In the last item the boilers are ouly used yt of the lighting. Interest on investment at 4 pe cent :f 1,128. Lamp renewals, 500 lamps at 25 cents, $125. COST OF COAL. The coal burned under high pressure lioilers is abcrat three tons per day. Oue-third of the steáin fröni High pressure boilers is used for other puproses. Henee we have about 700 tons of coai to charge to the electrc plant, and as the steam is used for heatiug we have ■only 25 per ene to charge to the lichting plant wbich is 175 tons at $2.S5 perjton. This briugs the cost of coal at 1393.75. LAMPS, MOTORS ON CAMPUS. Thencandescent lamps, are lamps and moters installed on he campus are : Moters 100, H. P. at an average efficiency of 80 per cent,equal3 93,250 watts; about 30 are lamps at 19,800 watts; total 18,050 watts. This will equal 1884 incandescent lamps. The actnal incandescent lamps installed, 5, 000, plus tiie 1884 incandescent lamps, make a total equivalent of incandescent lamps of$6,884. COST OF OPBRATrNG PLANT. The average work actually performed by the plant amounts to about 150 amperes at 220 volts, 24 hours power day as f ollows : Plant is shnt down every Sunday also all of July, August, September, making in all 234 working days per year. Thus 150 amperes 220 volts x 24 hours x 234 days divided by 1,000 watts equals 185,328,000 K. W. hours. This would make the eost per K. W. hour f.0254, and the cost per lamp per hour sixteen-hundredths cents. RECAriTULATION. Labor $2.050.00 Oil, waste, packing 170.00 Interest and depreciation. . . 1,962.00 Lamp rene wals 125.00 Coal bill 393.75 Total eest $4,700.75 Luella Davis Dead. Luella B. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Davis died at the home of her uncle George D. Bunn, of Superior, May 14, 1899, aged 14 year, 7 months. She was born in the township of Salem, Oct. 25, 1884. Always being in good health, her sudden death was a great shuök to her many friends, her sickness lasting buc two weeks. Always being of a cbeerful nature and i all of mirth, won for her many friends. Angrels came andclatmed our darling; Carried her soul to realms of bliss; Thouh we would nat if wecould 'Wieh her back to a world like this. With this World's trials and troubles, Now her heart won't have to bear; With her angel Bister she is waitlnj: i For her love ones to meet her there. ]t seems hard to part with our loved ones, For the grief t seems hard to bear; )'ut with steady hope we are waititijj For some day to meet her there.