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I A lengthy meeting of tbe board of public works was held last evening. The board are inclined tobecareful and know what the proposed work will cost before ordering the same. They propose üowing where the city is at. Present were President Mctntyre and Messrs. Keech and Schleicher, City Attorney Norris aud Street Commissioner Ross. On motion of Mr. Keech the report of the sidewalk comrnittee was taken up. There were three brick crosswalks to be built and the question was asked ïf there were any brick in the city. Street Cominissioner Ross said Clarken & Clancey had a lot piled np at the depot. On motion of Mr. Keech the president and the city engineer wete order - ed to examine the brick and if snitable to purchase a sufficient quantity for three brick crosswalks. Mr. Keech moved that tne street cotnmissioner take action uuder advioe of the city attonrey to put the sidewalk on S. Fifth ave. at the skating rink in proper conditon. Mr. Keech explained that th9 creek had been turned froru its former course. Mr. Schleicher said he had examined the grouud. He believed the creek had been turned back into its old channel. During the three or four years tnat it had run in its new channel the city had built a brick cnlvert across the street. Street Commissoner Ross said: that the present condition of the creek meant that the cïty would have to build a culvert 8 by 10 rods away from the present one as soon as the grade was estabhshed. Mr. Keech says the sidewalk at present is in a dangerous condition Mr. Keech's motion passed. A sidewalk was ordered built on W Washington st. form the west line of Leonard Blake's property to the east line of Dr. Herdman. On motion of Mr. Schleicher all the sidewalks mentioned in the sidewalk committee's report were ordered repaired aud built. Mr. Keech called attention to the necessity of keepng an accurate record of all siaewalk notices served so that none would be lost track of. The report of the sidewalk cominittee made at the last meeting of the council was theu taken up. Ou moticn of Mr. Keech the street cornmissioner was directed to make the necessury repairs on crosswalks. On motion of Mr. Keech the sidewalk grade of W. Hnron st. was referred to the city engineer. Titus F. Hutzel said he had been ordered to pnt down a walk two years ago. He knew it was nupleasaut for his neighbors to walk over his walk, and he was ready to bnild his walk as sooü as the grade was established. On motion of Mr. Keech the streec coinmissioner was ordered to grade the sidewalk on Michigan ave. at a cost not exceeding $50. On motion of Mr. Keech the city engineer was ordered to submit a grade ior a sidewalk on Pnller st. The street committee's report to the coramon council was taken nP' On motion of Mr. Keech the city engineer was ordered to make an estimate on the gradiug and graveling of Fourth, Fifth and Washtenaw aves. He said the council had ordered the work, but they had better find out what it woold cost. The petition of George J. Mann to raake counection with the sanitary sewer was referred to Mr. Schleicher and the city engineer. The estímate of $85 for a storm sewer on Fifth ave. was recommeuded to the council. On motion of Mr. Shleicher T. L. Sutter's request to repair at his own expense, his wall abutting on Allen's Creek on N. Main st, was granted, and the culvert ordered repaired at the city's expense On motion of Mr. SchJeicher the city clerk was ordered to advertise for bids for paving district No. 3, (Washington st. bids to be received np until June 1, at 6 o'clock p. m. City Engineer Key submitted estimates for work in paving district No. 4, (Huron st,.) froin Ü'ifth ave., to Huron st. storm sewer, $3,458.10. Frorn Ashley to Fifth ave. on Huron st, storm sewer, $1,605.45, paving cedar block 812,728.76; aspahlt, 19,175.20; bricK, $15,181.31. Graveliug E. Hnron st. from Fifth ave. to State st. , $540. Storm sewer on Gott st. $791 The report was received and placed on file. On motion of Mr. Keech the board passed a resolution advising the council to put off paving Hurón st. east oí Main st. until next year, so as to give ;he trenches in the street time to settle. Secondly, if the property owners on üuron st. between Ashley and Main sts. desired paving, that it be included n the Washington st. contract Thirdiy, that the storm sewer be ex;ended east on Huron st. from Main to ingalls st, the engiueer's estímate beug $4,063. (iö. Mr. Keech said a party had come to him and said that if Hurón st. was javed from Ashley to Main st. this would prevent the balance of the street being paved. City Attorney Norris said if this block was taken out the niajority of the property owners on ;he street between Main and State sts. wouid uot be in favor of paving, the majorty bewteen Main and Fifth ave. wouid be. Charles Clark, of Observatory st. , addressed the board. He inquired if something could not be done towards extending E. Huron st. to Observatory st. from Fourteeuthst. If a very little vork was done as a starter, the street would soon be filled up to the giade. 3e also wauted to ask for a grade for Observatory st. He had 3 lots he wanted to sell as soon as the grade was established. He thought there would )e a drop of four feet at the intersection of Huron and Observator st. The deeds for the extensión of E. Huron st. iad been made out some years ago. Tor the extensión of E. Huron st. beween Thirteenth and Fonrteenth sts. an appropration of $500 had been nade. There was just a block to be 'raded. Money was appropriated for 5ewey ave. a street of which no one inew where it was. If he belonged to the municipal club he thought hè would have no trouble. Mr. Keech said that on Dewey ave. ;he owner had the street graded and the ontract let for the sidewalk. Mr. Schleicher said he wanted to ook over E. Hurou st. On general jrinciples he believed that parties who ilated land should have their streets graded. Street Commissioner Ross called atention to the report he heard that the ontracts for tbe sidewalk's on Dewey ave. called for a 50-inchs walk and uot ive feet as prescribed by the council. On motion of Mr. Schleicher the clerk was ordered to notify the owner, kir. Cady, tnat he comply with the ordinance. Titus F. Hutzel asked if it was not necessary for tbe board to take some tepu in refereuce to their contract to raild storm sewers. On motion of Mr. Keech the oity atorney was ordered to draw up a con;ract with Hutzel & Co., and that the ame be signed by the president of the ioard and the city attorney. Mr. Schleicher moved tbat the certified checks of the unsuccessful bidders on the storm sewers be returned as soon as the contract with Hutzel & Co. was ompleted. On motiou of Mr. Schleicher the bond to be given the state "by Hutzel & Co. was fixed at $10,000