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The following form the Toledo Sxinday Jo...

The following form the Toledo Sxinday Jo... image
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The following form the Toledo Sunday Journal contains large chunks of good horse sense and the Argus therefore quotes it :

"I have registered a firm resolution never to buy a dollar's worth of goods from the man who advertises at my door by means of hand bills," said a well known gentleman yesterday.
"It is the most abominable nuisance that home owners have to contend with at this time of the year.
Every morning we must clean up a litter in the front yard left there by boys and men, with whom we can find no fault since they are hired for a purpose and since the driving away of one has no effect on the others who may follow.
They needlessly call us to the door by ringing the bells ; they are impudent if we refuse to receive their bills they put them under the doors or leave them between the knob and the casing, and ten times worse than all, they tramp across our lawns and destroy the grass.
I have a lawn before my house to walk upon for myself and family, and I do not object to the neighbors tramping on it - it is good for the feet - and, of course, we cannot stop the letter carrier and the paper boy but that should be the end of that sort of luxury.
Peddler, bill distributors, sollicitors and the like should stay away or keep to the walks. I do not propose to give my money to any firm whose hireings I must furnish with a soft place to walk upon and I have registered a firm resolve that if I look at another one of those hand bills, it will be to discover with what merchant I shall NOT do my trading in the future. "