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The matter of the case of Ratie Oorey who seonred a jndgement of #5,000 agaiust the city in the circuit conrt was disposed of in short order. Aid. Brown moved that the city attorney take the necessary steps to appeal the case to the snpreme court. City Attorney Norris said the snit involved au important question of the liability of the city. If the city was liable in this case something would have to be done, every private nydrant in yards (Aid. Hamiltou "and silcocks") in the city had better be taken np. Aid. Brown: "If the city is held iable we had better fret some new awyers. ' ' Aid. Harnilton said if snch a precedent be sstablished it would be jard on the city. The lady who was injnred has his deep sympathy and he would be willing to sobseiibe liberally to assist her, but the city conld not afford to have the precedent established that it is liable for ice on wel! laid, otherwisse safe side walks. Aid. Brown moved that Aid. Hamilton be given permission to subscribe liberally for the benefit of Miss Corey.