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Old Members Unite

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The ex-members of the Ann Arbor Light Infantry held an enthusiastic meeting at Randall's gallery Monday evening and formed a veteran crops. Maj. Sid W. Millard was made chairman of the meeting and Wm. Walz secretary. After talking over plans for the reception of Co. A, it was decided to form a veteran crops, and a committee consisting of Capt. C. E. Hiscock, Dr. A. C. Nichols, Capt. John C. Fischer, Capt. A. C. Pack and Capt. Wm. Armstrong were appointed to draft a paper to be singed by those present. The committee returned after a few of the members had left but 42 signed the following paper:

"We, the undersigned, formerly members of the Porter Zouaves, Company A, M. N. G., or members of the U. S. Volunteer army or navy, are eligible to membership of an organization to be known as Company A Veteran Association under rules and by-laws to be adopted hereafter. The dues not to exceed 50 cents a year. "

The following were elected officers of the association: President, Maj. Sid W. Millard; vice president, Dr. A. C. Nichols; secretary, William Walz; treasurer, Dr. Joseph Ball. A committe consisting of Messrs. Hiscock, Nichols, Fischer, Pack and Armstrong was appointed to draft a constitution and by-laws for the association.

lt was decided to meet at the armory on the day of Company A's return to march in a body to meet them. All the former members of the company are requested to turn out to receive the returning volunteers.

Capt. Chas. H. Manly was requested to assume command of the veteran corps for the occasion.

Chas. Petrie proposed that when they return to the armory the veteran corps stand in a double row for the volunteers to pass between and that two large flags be so held that they should pass under them.

S. W. Beakes of the finance committee on raising funds for the armory presented the matter to those present, many of whom had already subscribed, and asked for $5 subscriptions from the young men present. The subscriptions were promptly made, netting $50. Elmer E. Beal, William Murray and Dr. Joseph Ball were appointed a committee to solicit the young men of the city for $5 subscriptions.

As said before a good deal of interest and enthusiasm was manifested during the meeting.