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When an excited messenger comes dashing in with glorious news of victory from a great field of battle nobody wonders at his enthusiasm. It is contagious. Every man who hears the grand tidings is ready to swing his hat and cheer and pass along the splendid story to his nearest neighbor. When a man has been through a terrible battle with sickness and at last has gained a glorious victory his first impulse is to tell the good news to others. He wants every man and woman of his acquaintance to know about the splendid remedy that brought him back from sickness and discouragement to sound and perfect health.

"I had rheumatism for three months," says Mr. James E. Crampton, of Sharpsburg, Washington Co., Md., in a recent letter to Dr. R. V. Pierce, of Buffalo, N.Y. "I couldn't walk at all. I was in business in Baltimore. I tried the best doctors I could get but they did me no good. I took three bottles of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and it cured me sound.

I came home to Sharpsburg and there were three cases of different diseases. I advised the patients to use Dr. Pierce's medicine, which they did and all were cured. I have sold one hundred dollars' worth of your medicine by telling people how it cured me. 

You will find enclosed 31 one-cent stamps for one of your 'Medical advisers', cloth-bound."

This grand 'Discovery' is the most perfect formula ever devised for the complete and thorough renovation of the blood from all unhealthy germs and lurking taints of every name and nature. By making pure and healthy blood free from bilious poisons it builds up strong and active manhood and blooming attractive womanhood.

If out of health, write to Dr. Pierce. He will send you good, fatherly, professional advice without charge. See his address above.