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SEND ONE DOLLAR Cut this ad out and send to us, and if you live within 700 miles of Chicago, we will send you this TOP BUGGY BY FREIGHT C.O.D. SUBJECT TO EXAMINATION, you can examine it at your freight depot and if found PERFECTLY SATISFACTORY, EXACTLY AS REPRESENTED, EQUAL TO BUGGIES THAT RETAIL AT $60.00 to $75.00 and the GRANDEST BARGAIN YOU EVER SAW pay the freight agent OUR SPECIAL PRICE $38.90, and freight charges, less the $1.00 sent with order. WE MAKE THIS TOP BUGGY IN OUR OWN FACTORY IN CHICAGO, from better material than most makers put in $75.00 buggies. Latest Style for 1899. Body, 24x54 from the Best Seasoned Wood. Gear, Best that Money can Build. End Springs, as illustrated, or Brewster side bar. Wheels high grade screwed rim sarven's patent. Top, 24 ounce, daily rubber heavily lined, full side and back curtains. Painting, guaranteed equal to any $150.00 buggy work, body black, gear dark green or red. Upholstering, heavy green French body cloth or Evan's Leather. $38.90 is OUR SPECIAL PRICE for top buggy complete, wide or narrow track, full length side and back curtains, storm apron, carpet, wrench, anti-rattlers and shafts. GUARANTEED TWO YEARS will last a liftime. For buggies at $15.95 and up, WRITE FOR FREE BUGGY CATALOGUE. YOU CAN MAKE $500.00 this year selling our $38.90 BUGGIES. ORDER ONE-TODAY, YOU CAN SELL IT FOR $60.00. DON'T DELAY. Address, Sears, Roebuck & Co. (Inc.) Chicago, ILL