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üi Efe Cutlbl. ad. nul nd Huil hi ni. Ith 1.00, noil wmillsrad j-on tlilNKW VBflLjtftffljp H' IBl'ROVKU ACBK QllKEX PA KLOK ORdAX, bj frcisht C. O. I)., sul.jirl lo f g&Bl -' - - JM , tiamlnatlon. You can examine it at yournearest freignt dejjot, Jfa09Mys'íS'X--'i'$MÍUEm and if you find it .mi, II. y as repreeented, eqnal tú organs that llyÚMAMkíktMhdMMyiátikSIl retail at Ï5.OO to 100.00, the greatest value you ever saw and Uin far better tllan organs advertised by otliers at more nioney, jjay I IR aaHBiaaaWlII thefreight agent our pcilol 9O dnjV otfer prlce, S3I.75, J UU BM IfH Ifss the 1.00, (ir Í3O.J5, and ireigHt churges. EMBAil I BÍ - IcOH Bl $31.75 IS OUR SPECIAL 90 DAYS' PR1CE g.jjg Ij OlJS dbTOthera. Buch uu offer wïih never made belore. t3"" 5ïtt:iT' "' Vi JV THE ACMEQUEENi8Oneofthomo.tUfKABLI!AXnSWEKTK8T gTTSAiLJe -T ÏËW TONKD Inslrumenl i'icr mmle. ï'rom the illUBtration Sbown, whicb 11 '-;?V Vv 'JHiSSMbLX Isengraved directfromaphotograph.youcanformBomeideaof ita H f -iL'Jt J V H IWVflH beautitul ppearanee. Made l'rum nolld qunrter nnwed - SM V ' ' W JH taULvBK oMk,antiquelinish,hatitisomelydecoratedandornamented, SJHHB -■-■ ■ WsJÊK latent 189 tylc. THB ACJIK (CEKN i8C feet 5 inches high, K SBBi éSincbes long, ü3incheB wide and weighs 350 pounds. WtÊi jr- ygl aB tains 6 octaves, H stops, as f ollows: Diapaon, Principal, Mñ TMÍl Dnlclin, Hlelodla, Célenle, Cremona, Bun Conpler, T reblo H n,W l l'oupler, niapasuu Forte and Voz Humana; 2 Oetav Couplers, nfl .Bi lToneHwcll, 1 Urand Orean Swell, 4 Set Orehtatral Tonrd UT =r ,21 Keiimalorj I'lpe Qualilj Ki-ed, 1 Sel of 87 Pure 8neel Belodia 1 "L-j]ltliTjiiO''TT &&S%'-aÊl Red, 1 Set of 8? CharmlngljBrllIlantCelrateReed, 1 Set of ƒ■ B" I , 1L1 L tf 24 Klch Jlelloir Smoolh nlnpaiOD Itepda, 1 Set of 24 Pleaüng tS tW5K BonMelodlou.PrinelpalReed.. THE ACME QUEEK f SSg=== ■ Hl SS tionconsistof thccelebratedSewell Keedn.wliichnreonly {■ pB usecl in the highest grade instruments; llttcd with ■■■■B mond Goupleri and Toi Humana, also best Dolge fclts, amltlBswJMÊ H leathers, etc., bellows of the best rubber cloth, 3-ply jB HUHIlflB bellow stock and llnesr, leather in valves. TUK WWWffPWUBBWI ACME ftUEEN is furnlshed with a IOiH beveled W ,- I.JWi laTMI píate French mirror, nickel plated pedal frames, %j and every modern improvement. We fornish free a kome organ stool and the beslorgan instructlon book publlshed. wlHI GUARANTEED 25 YEARS. „e M MS iHKue a written binding '26-year guarantee, by the ■FÍSTTMIImÍKI terms and conditions or which if any part gives ou , OCKy(l!ÍS.BH B'fl we repair it free of charge. Try it onemonth and vUp'ttSF'lvlK láH l" we wil] refund your money if you are not perfectly , 1IC JN-OCH ■LS] Hk wUi-ilu-d. 500 of these orfran will he sold at 31, 7S. ' Itf fi.TFTBB Mva! S OK1IKK AT .NOK. MON'T KELAY. O UISTRUCIOrBI E OUR RELIABILITY IS ESTABLISHEP a 'vJ BP? not dealt with us ask yüur neighborabout ue.write ■■.liir'ii! jfl =P.,.i! the publisher of thlB paper or Metropolitan National : = Bank, orCorn Kichange Nat. Bank, Chicago: or Herman Eiehange Bank, New York; or ny milroad or expresa company in Chicago. We hye capital of owr 7ÜO.OUO.OO, occupy entire one of the largOBt business DloeMtn Chicago, and employ nearly 2,000 people in our ownbuilding. WK SKLL OBOASB iT C12.00 a.d up; PIANOS, " nd op; also everything in musical instrumente at loweet -wholesale prices. Write for free Bpecial ,ra%Pi?? and musical instrument catalogue. Address, 8m, Blnck O. m ihorouiblr MllM. -■' SEARS.ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.), Fulton, Oeiplainei ind Wajman SU., CHICAGO, ILL.