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reíd allí tes. ïou Never Know the Moment Wheu This Information May Pro ve of Infinite Valué. It is wortli considerable to any citizeo of AnnArborto kuow the valué .and use of a medicine.for iL there la no occasion to employ it, in themeantime i'rail humanity is subjeeted to so many jnfluencesaudunforeeeeneontigencies that the wisest are totally unable to gauge the future. Know then, that Doan's Ointinent will cure any case of lemorrboids, couimonly known as piles or any diseaso of the cutióle or gklp, generally termed eczema. Mrs. T. Martiny, of No. 501 Detroit St., aays: "I suffered a great deal from fever sores and at times the inflamation caused a burning sensation which was iiuense. I used numerous ointments and lotions but nothins? ever o-ave me permanent relief. I saw Doan's Ointmeut higbly recommended and got a box at Eberbach & Son's 3rug store. Un applying It relieved all the distress 'and irritation almost at once. I continued the use of it until the part looked healthy ánd nicely Jiealed. Doan's Kidney Pilis t'or sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents per box. Sent by mail on receipt of price. FosterMilbarn Co. , solé agents for the United ■States, Ë'urïalo, N. Y. Kemember the name DOAN'S and take no other. fBfaffi Ccok'sDnchess Tableta, Rw Aro uceessfully used by over '■ Wygi 10,000 Lidies; are prepared by an MmSW -"X 13 and experienced physician. WQp . vLadies ask your druggist for BB 7 Cook's Ducbcss Tablets, as they are 5J' r the only safe nd reliable monthly medicine Icnown. Price, $1. By mail, $1.08. Send 4 cents postage for Free Sample and full prticulars. Address The Cook Company, Room 3, No. 253 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. Sold in Ann Arbor at Brown's Drug Store. PCIIP1 110 nilC nni I AO&ndthisad, andwewill otNU UO UNt UULLAn eendyou this biB 325-ll. éw 1S99 j.attïrn bigh-srnde RESERVOIR t'OAL AND WOOD -tOOK STOVE, by freight C.O.D., subject to examination. Examino it at ___ g 5a - -==:=- ■ found CÏ3BS IBktMM less the 11.00 ff WRITE FOR OUR BIG FREE sentwithor-JJ STOVE CATALOCUE. der op $12.00 k ,and freight charges. This stove is size No. 8, oven ia 16x18x11, top is 42x23; made from best pig iron, extra large flues, heavy covers, heavy linings and grates, large oven shelf, heavy tin-lined oven door, handsome nicfeel-plated ornameutations and trimmings, extra large deep, genuine Standish poreelalu llned retíerrolr, hand.sorne large ornaniented base. Best eoal bnrner made, and we furnish FRKE an extra wood rate, muking it a perfect wood banier. WE ISBCE A BINDING (HAKANTKK wilh .every stove and guarantee safedelivery toyourrailroad station. Your local dealer would charge you (525.00 for such a stove, the freight ia only about (1.00 for .ach 500 miles, no we sae jon at least $10.00. Address, SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. (ING.) CHICAGO, ILL ISeui, Kucbuck i-Co. n thorougtilj reliadle.- KdJtor.) LUTZ & 5ON .MANÜFACTL'UEKS OF STEÖ FÜRNITÜRE AM, KINDS OF C1BRARIES _ BARBAR SHOPS STORES MXÜNERV SALOONS EMPORIUMS Etc. Etc. DESIQN WORK A SPECIALTY. Repairing of Furniture of Every Description. O Lutz & Son. Office mid Factory on Vine St;. Near W. Liberty St. Ann Arbor, - - Michigan New State Telephone No. 273. S HASR BALSAR1 ■BpvylgP doftnsog aud beautiñea tlic haü. B=SSMtTronioteí R lnxuriunt growth. ■HBB liever PiJla to Bestore Gray KBB Curee ecalp d i se asee te haïr faüing. Need # Horses 5 Once and will allow good price for them to apply on piano 'M or organ purchase. ANN ARBOR MUSIG GO. 5 205-207 E. Wash. St. DR. H. K. LUM, Physiciau and Surgeon. Oflice: 106 N. Pourth Ave., Ann Arbor, Hich. Couuty oalls promptly attended to. Hours, 8 to 9 a. m. ; 1 to 4 p. m. and 7 to 8:30 ■tn. New State Phone- House, 2ö0: office 67