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Harmony In The Home Circle

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Harmony in the Home Circle.

Pe-ru-na protects our homes by driving out nervousness and indigestion.

HARMONY comes with health. Plump, jolly children; calm, healthy mother, steady, kind husband. Such a family can face any ordinary trial successfully. The snappy retort is not heard; nervousness gets no foothold; trifles do not annoy; harmony prevails. Is this picture rare Unfortunately it is. Excited nerves destroy good dispositions. They bring on all kinds of ill health in the mothers. Nervous mothers make nervous children; nervous husbands make the whole family nervous.

Wherever there is nervousness there is catarrh; each breeds the other. Overcoming nervousness and catarrh cannot be accomplished by force of will: nature must be assisted. Read the following letter from Mrs. F. Ludering, Cornwall, Cal.

"I am fifty-eight years old and have eight children. I can truly say that Pe-ru-na is the right thing to take for catarrh and nervousness; I intend to use it this spring also for a spring tonic. I went to a doctor six times for medicine for the nerves and to regulate the urine, but I did not feel any better; so I concluded to take Pe-ru-na and I found out that it would do the work."

Indigestion is catarrh of the stomach. It spoils the disposition, and like all catarrhal troubles has been considered impossible to cure. Mrs. N. K. Brown, Alexander, N. C, suffered with it; Pe-ru-na cured her. Read her letter:

"For several years I was troubled with indigestion, an increase of acid in the stomach, headache, loss of appetite, dizziness, and almost complete paralysis of the left arm. My friends advised me to try Pe-ru-na, and after taking one bottle I could see great improvement in my condition. Four bottles cured me sound and well, and I have not felt a symptom of my trouble since taking Pe-ru-na. I can never praise Pe-ru-na enough and will always recommend it."

Inflammation of the mucous membrane is catarrh, whether in the pelvic organs, stomach, lungs or head. Elizabeth Grau, New Athens, Ill., says:

"For two years I had catarrh of the nose very bad. I doctored with two physicians but they did not help me. On Dr. Hartman's advice I began to take Pe-ru-na, and am now completely cured."