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pülfil [3 A Book for Young and Oíd. G3 M oup " vjeicuRe: jU U RECORD 1 NERVOUS í U H Esí 1878 ; BLOOD M W 250,000 [ SKIN & i W [y DÍSEASSD PRIVATE M 0250,000 CÜRED0 H YOUNG MAN 'SKJr 23KS ■ I wheu ignorant of the terrible erinie you M JK vero committing. Bidyouonlyconsider HJ I . E the fascinating alluremcots of this evil I.J UU habit? AVhca too late to avoid the Uli W'M ribie results, wcre your eyea oieaed to YM Hl your peril? Did you later on in Hl hood contract any PRIVATE orBLÜOD Wk A disease? M'ereyoucured? Doyounow IjJ ai and thc-n scesome alarming symptoms? m I Daro you niarry in your prosent ■ ■ dition? Youknow, "LIKE l'ATHER, ■ 3 LIKE SOX." Ifmarried.are you fra Ij3 stantly Kviugin dread? ís marriage a UJ VA failurewithyouonaccountof any wvjk M ness caused by early abuse or later fj ■JM cesses? Haye you boen drugled vith wÈÊ rd mercury? This booklctwillpointout to f2 ■ 4 yon tho resulta oftheo crimes and poiot L4S ■ out howour NEW MEÏ1I0D ■ ■ MENT will poíítivcly curo you. It ■ H shows howthousandshave been savedby H rl our NEW TREATMENT. It profes llf U] how we can QUARANTEE TO CURE Uk] ri ANY CURABLE CASE OR NO PAY. fl U Ve treat nnd oure- EMISSIONS, [íJ ■P VARICOCKLE, PYPIIILIS. LEET, ■■ ra STRIOTURE, IMPOTEKCY, Pi LAS CRET DRAIKS, ÜNNATURAL UJ ■ CHARGES, KIDNE Y and BLADDER ■ wcïïresgüaranteedB f3 "The Wages of Sin" Fent free by Fl ■■ onclosing 2o stamp. CON8ULTATI0X LJ ' FREE. lf unable to cali, write for w&t aQUESTÏON BLANK for HOME fl QKennldyKergan[ S Cor, Michigan Ave. and Shelby St. [ W DETROIT, MICH. ff