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SEND NO MONEY WITH YOUR ORDER, but cut this ad. out and send to us, and we will send you OUR HIGH GRADE DROP CABINET BURDICK SEWlNG MACHINE by freight C.O.D. subject to examinations. You can examine it at your nearest freight depot and if found perfectly satisfactory, exactly as presented,  equal to machines others sell as high as $60.00, and THE GREATEST BARGAIN YOU EVER HEARD OF, pay your freight agent Our Special Offer Price $15.50 and freight charges. The machine weighs 120 pounds and the freight will average 75 cents for each 500 miles. GIVE IT THREE MONTHS' TRIAL in your own home, and we will return your $15.50 any day you are not satisfied. We will sell different makes and grades of Sewing Machines at $8.50, $10.00, $11.00, $12.00 and up, all fully described in Our Free Sewing Machine Catalogue, but $15.50 for this DESK DROP CABINET BURDICK is the greatest value ever offered by any house.

BEWARE OF IMITATIONS by unknown concerns, who copy our advertisements, offering unknown machines under various names, with various inducements. Write some friends in Chicago and learn who are RELIABLE AND WHO ARE NOT.

THE BURDICK has every MODERN IMPROVEMENT, EVERY GOOD POINT OF EVERY HIGH GRADE MACHINE MADE, WITH THE DEFECT OF NONE. MADE BY THE BEST MAKER IN AMERICA, FROM THE BEST MATERIAL MONEY CAN BUY.  SOLID QUARTER SAWED OAK DROP DESK CABINET, PIANO POLISHED, one illustration shows machine closed, (head dropping from sight) to be used as a center table, stand or desk, the other open with full length table and head in place for sewing, 4 fancy drawers, latest 1899 skeleton frame, carved, paneled, embossed and decorated cabinet finish, finest nickel drawer pulls, rests on 4 casters, ball bearing adjustable treadle, genuine Smyth iron stand. Finest large High Arm head, positive four motion feed, self threading vibrating shuttle, automatic bobbin winder, adjustable bearings, patent tension liberator, improved loose wheel, adjustable presser foot, improved shuttle carrier, patent needle bar, patent dressguard, head is handsomely decorated and ornamented and beautifully NICKEL TRIMMED.

GUARANTEED the lightest running, most durable and nearest noiseless machine made. Every known attachment is furnished and our Free Instruction Book tells just how anyone can run it and do either plain or any kind of fancy work. A 20-YEARS' BINDING GUARANTEE is sent with every machine. IT COSTS YOU NOTHING to see and examine this machine, compare it with those your storekeeper sells at $40.00 to $60.00, and then if convinced you are saving $25.00 to $60.00, pay your freight agent the $15.50, WE TO RETURN YOUR $15.50 If at any time within three months you say you are not satisfied. ORDER TO DAY. DON'T DELAY. (Sears, Roebuck & Co. are thoroughly reliable. - Editor.)

Address, SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.) Chicago, III.

This illustration shows the machine open, ready for use.

This shows the machine closed to be used as a center table, stand or desk.