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WITHÏ0U1 IDE, ratthl ._ ad. outandgend to us, and Jl- ï+rrr3_A V"1 wewiUMudyonoiii high liniUTiiniM.n I Isa 08 ACE OIOrCAIINET IUÍCHCI SEWlNB MACHINE 7 rr.liii o. u. i.tji u iiui , H SjV I % ■II. ïouinraimme.itt jour aei "rehl dfpot mi U - HöT ■■ 1 foand tarftttlj aail.fatwrr. aa re proll. fl i 1 JK?l J. W# a.! U ...ti alk.r. Mil u b ú MO.O. a T UI ■- -- TlJBf BMJHMBI SHfci8BHTK9T BiRG.l TOO ITIB H1ABD Or, .J 7rfl a, and f reipjht charges. The machina weigh '" B 120 poundi and the freight will arerafce 76 cfnts for Kh 500 milel. .HaBIl S. i CIVE IT THREE MONTHS' TRIAL ia jour owa hume, and BB B ' w will return jour IIS.50 nj dr joa mre no tiOed. W uil ■ 3BH lintl ut (radaí af Bwi( .kl.í. t IS.ÍO, 10.00, til. 00, 'H H (f a ■■ IJMH BEWARE OF IMiTATIONS H %ZS KA „ I 1 Hit ? f verliamentB, offenng kakaawm Mkchlmct under rmxious ñames, with rd ' I BV D B% D í" artou InJoetmtntl. Wrilt ■ fritad I. Ckiei aad liara ka ara W)SM ' ■aTnl ê t SÍLUBL iD WHO 1BI HOI. Af] MigiKSfl?l' 3 ? I Ht DUKUlVIV itkrt lioon puiiit or luhi ui'.ii aJiMaSS5Na1r' - . ' SIUD aUCHISK B4D8, WITH TUK ' k T MPH 3Ï Dsncrs or on. have bt the best haker in america, xJ ■i ' &S aaBgBaeWOMBMtota.- t'KOH TME BEST M ATEK1AL Ê èï tj&lSï SOLID QUARTER SAWED PAK gigf i I ! PIASO P0LI8HK1), one illustration shows machine closed, (headdropS B i piQ& f rom sipht } to be used as a center tabic, ttand er deck, th othr HL open with full lenth table and head in place tor sewinp, 4 fnwry I Si drswert, Uteit 1899 kclvtoB frune, carved. paneled, embossed and 5 9 li_ Bi dccornted cabinet finish, fleest nickel drawer pulls, resta on 4 cmtL Bfe WF I ■■■ UiHHkl"01"''' ters, ball bcarinti adjustable treadle, penuine Smythiron stand. fi H I I 50 nlln Fines t lree Hlch inn hed, positive f our motion ieed, selt threadiug Tibrat " IHu ■ IMl ing shuttle. autOMatic bobbin winder, adjustable bearings, patent tensión L 1 11 ■ B ■Ml liborator, improTed loose wheel, adjustable presser foot, improred shuttle f-o-ji EAIH' ■ IMMM carrier, patent needie bar, patent dressRuard.head is hondsomelT decorted 2 ft BAS 'V ■ I Vm WÊ and oranifnW and bcaaiihillj NICKEL TRIIVIIVIED í3 11 I U a CUARANTEEDthf HphtilniDDiB(C. ■toxtenrablíandi.MFMt.elMlCM-.aehU. - -" a Iwnl rt= t3HttI m)M'e' ï"rT known atlachmpnt isfomlshed and onr Free InsttTlCtion BoOk tells o - UI !&fó$ykCByJ 3US' howanyone Cfvn run it and do either plain or any kind of faincT work " _ fM J.feWy.K'tajItl A2O-TEARS' BINDING GUARANTEE ís ecnt wlth machín;. ■ J -Pyyr I T COSTS YOU NOTHING t0 see and amine this machine, compare ít „ . ■■ ".saJ" "J10 ' nuininu wj;h those your storekeeper sellsat $40. QO ■1 to $60.00. nd then if conrinced yon areaavlae Ï25.OO í 910.00, pw jonr rr.lnlt aal th $15.50. Wl TO KKTIRN YOl'B SIS. SO If at anj time wlthin thrco nontha ron ujiuin at atl d. OBUIR TO DAT. DOK'T DKLAT. (Sears, Roehuck & Co. are thoroughly reliable- Editor.) Address, SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.) Chicago, III.