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lf a woman is in Love

That's Her Business.

If a man is in Love

That's His Business.


then its our business to sell the Wedding Presents and many household necessities. Lots do come to The Racket and buy those things, but we want more. We know we haven't any right to kiss the bride, but in our humble way we may be allowed to add to her happiness.

What we have got, is

12 pennyweight Silver knives and Forks for $2.95 per dozen; 10 pennyweight goods for $2.75 per dozen, and ordinary tripple plate goods for $1.50 per dozen; then there's our new and exquisite line of Bohemian quadruple plate on pure white metal patterns, warranted by the manufacturer for from 10 to 20 years; these are stunning Wedding Presents and we know that when you see them you will say

Oh!! and Oh!!!

The Racket is the only place in Washtenaw County selling solid hard rubber tire Go Carts for $2.75. Everyone else sells those noisy iron rim wheels and asks you $3.50 to $4.00 for them.

Have you seen our 1899 Shirt Waists with Beauty Pins thrown in?

They are Hollyhocks.

Have you bought that  Summer Gauze Underwear yet ? We are putting out lots of it now at 25c per garment,

It's just peaches for  you and us

 Do you want Negligee or Working Shirts, Overalls, or Mule Skin Gloves? We have them and everyone is a pansy that leaves 5c or 10c in your pocket. Our Clothes Wringers are Sweet Williams. Just think of that Standard Sterling old-stand-by of a Wringer The Universal being sold for $1.95, or The Challenge for $1.60.

Our Hosiery line cuts them all out. If you read this add you must read others. Tell me do you ever see any one advertise to sell Double Toe and Heel and Double Sole Ladies' Fine Black Hose at two pair for 25c. lts the Double Sole part that's left out unless you pay more for them.

Why! we sell Men's Fancy Over Shot Silk Thread Hose for 15c or two pair for 25c. We heard a lady going by the other day say: "There's one of the queerest stores I ever saw." Of course, she was thinking of the diversity of Monkey Wrenches and Lawn Mowers as compared with Lace Curtains and Shirt Waists.

Well, we'll own up we are sticking like a burr in the old mare's foretop to those things that people have been paying the highest prices for and while it conglomerates our stock, it enables us to sell cheap.

We are not having any Spring Opening because we haven't been shut up all winter, but we have Spring Bargains and they are for you.

The Racket

202 E. Washington St.


Successor to The Hurd-Holmes Co.



Carriages, Harness, Horse Goods, Buffalo Pitts, Farm Implements Garden and Flower Seeds in Bulk

415 - 417 Detroit St., Ann Arbor