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Taken To Relation

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Joseph Gast, of Whitinore Lake, was in the city Tuesday to cali for tl e little six year old Elsie Kolask, sent by her mother from St. Louis, Mo.. to relatives in Webster towuship. Her raother had sewed a tag on her dress with directions. She found kind railroad condnctors and friends who cared for her. When she left the last friend on the cars, she cried, bnt when she got into the happy home of Marshal Gerstner, and feit the motherly kindness of Mrs. Gerstner she forgot al] her troubles and played very contentedly with the Gerstner childreu She feit so mach at home that she said when leaving she was coming back again to visit them. Marshal Gerstner was told by the relative who callad for the child that the father was dead. She was a bnght, pretty child and well dressed.